• Multimedia Lab of Faculty of Marketing


    With the aim of building a professional and modern laboratory environment for helping Marketing and other department’s students to further their research, catching up with the global standard-based educational criteria and improving individual career’s essential skills, Marketing lab has been officially launched since the second semester of the 2018 – 2019 school year.

    General view of  Marketing Lab

    The lab is designed and filled up with modern facilities and technologies helping in renovating the way of teaching, approaching the world standards (CDIO, AUN), matching global and local Marketing career’s required skills, heading to collaborations between the University and business communities. Additionally, the lab also facilitates students and lecturers to level up their research.

    This lab is surely a place to ultimately improve student’s studies and research while having in it the modern facilities. Movie recording and recording room for multimedia with modern lighting and sound devices and applications, support all the filming, photography and advertising, design of media publications. Computers are attached with professional applications for designing, editing sound and images.

    The Marketing lab is divided into 4 areas with different designs, facilities and purposes:

    1.     Studios: Media producing area

    2.     Technical room: Backstage processing and data analyzing place

    3.     Experiment room: New items producing area

    1.     Work-in-group and research simulating area



    Work-in-group area  

    Technical room 

    The lab is launched under Faculty of Marketing and Media and Technology center.

    Address: Second floor, area F

    Students can reserve the lab in week days

    Contact the person in charge for details of reservation:

    Direct phone number: 0975414216

    Email: giangcm@due.edu.vn

    For more information:  QUY ĐỊNH PHÒNG THỰC HÀNH MARKETING.docx