• About DRIC

    Research and international collaborative activities are emphatically identified as one of the key areas at university. The Division of research and international cooperation has been officially restructured as an independent department since 2006 with the aim of promoting scientific research activities and expanding international cooperation within the context of global integration of the University. Functions and responsibilities of the Department of Research and International Cooperation are as follows:

    - Advising the Rector in terms of research and international cooperation matters of the University.

    - Organizing and managing research activities, collaboration in technological and scientific research of staff, lecturers and students; the international cooperation and training activities at the University.


    Our effective scientific research management has contributed to increase the number of scientific works and publications of lecturers, boosted the activities of consulting and exchanging scientific information through seminars and conferences organized by the University, so the University’s reputation has been built up in society.


    International relations are increasingly expanding that positively help to improve the quality of training and scientific research through human resource training and foreign resource enlisting. Combining international cooperation and technology transfer, University of Economics aims at ensuring fairness, mutual benefit and development. Through international cooperation, DUE enhances its fame as the center of training high-quality human resources and transferring technology of economic scientific and management across the country and Southeast Asia.

    We work with many partners around the world on a wide range of international activities including joint teaching & research, consultancy, exchange programs, internships, and summer school courses.

    On the framework of international cooperation, University of Economics cooperates with a number of universities in USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan… under credit exchange program (2+2, 1+3, 3+1) in the majors, namely Accounting, Auditing, Business Administration, Marketing, Banking, International Business, Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Tourism, Commerce Management … Our aim is to provide students with internationalized experience, enhancing their employability through the training courses and opportunities for transfer and exchange programs. The University is a prestigious multidisciplinary higher educational institution for Laotian students. In addition, the University has been organizing cultural exchange programs and summer courses aiming to improve English language proficiency and develop business skills of students.