• Functions and Tasks

    1. Functions

    - To advise and assist the board of rectors on management and development of science and cooperation.

    - To implement management and quality assurance in the field of science and technology: scientific management, publications, conferences.

    - To foster the capacity of scientific research for staff as well as students.

    - To advise the board of rectors on the University’s international affairs in accordance with Vietnamese and international law.

    - To develop and implement international projects with foreign organizations and institutions.

    - To do consultancy, support and management of students transferred to and received from international partners.


    2. Tasks

    2.1. For scientific and research management activities

    - Organizing the development of long-term and medium-term strategies and plans for science and technology activities of the University and report to the University of Danang for approval in accordance with related regulations;

    - Developing regulations on scientific and technological management of the University in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the University of Danang.

    - Promoting scientific research and consultancy activities;

    - Managing scientific and technological activities at the state level, ministerial level, provincial level, University level, and other scientific and technological activities;

    - Organizing, managing and proposing solutions to enhance the scientific research activities of students in the University;

    - Organizing conferences, seminars, and other scientific activities at the university level or higher;

    - Managing functionally Journal of Economic Studies;

    - Organizing and coordinating faculties to manage the work of evaluating and approving textbooks and learning materials for teaching, learning and research.


    2.2. For international cooperation management activities

    - Developing and implementing the strategy, programs, plans of international cooperation activities in the short, medium and long term;

    - Establishing procedures for managing international cooperation in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, and of the University of Danang;

    - Developing collaboration programs with foreign institutions relating to joint training & research, student exchange and research cooperation programs;

    - Coordinating with the University of Danang to implement the work plan of foreign guests and international delegations at the University;

    - Inviting and supporting foreign lecturers to teach at the University;

    - Advising and supporting the reception of foreign students (undergraduate and postgraduate programs) for studying and researching at the University;

    - Developing, implementing and managing summer school programs;

    - Developing and managing projects with foreign partners;

    - Coordinating with faculties, functional departments in the University in promoting and developing training programs with foreign universities;

    - Coordinating with faculties and functional departments to select candidates for the scholarship program granted by foreign partners.

    Staff in the Department of Research & International Cooperation