• about us

             The Academic Affairs Deparment oversees and coordinates all academic matters and activities at the University of Economics. It provides consultation to the Rector, the Board of Rectors, the Committee of Research and Academics on all academic matters which call for the knowledge or approval of the Rector, the Board of Rectors, the Committee of Research and Academics. Some of these overall responsibilities can be further described:

             - Prepare and submit documents to the Rector for consideration, then to the University of Danang for approval of institution transfers, changes of majors, changes of mode of training.

             - Review and advise the Board of Rectors to consider and approve cases of suspension, withdrawal, expulsion, re-enrollment, expansion of study time.    

             - Issue interim transcripts, full transcripts, certificates of modules completion.    

             - Coordinate with relevant departments to review and submit to the Rector for the approval of graduation recognition.    

             - Organize the reception of testimonials and degree printing; oversee the issuance of degrees and certificates of all levels of training and programs at the University.   

          - Organize self-check of the implementation of regulations of issuance of degrees and certificates; coordinate and facilitate the inspection; archive documents relating to degree and certificate issuance by the University.    

             - Verify the authenticity of degrees issued by the University when required.    

             - Organize additional training for students in order that they can achieve the expected learning outcomes.

             - Implement reporting schemes as prescribed.    

             - Manage and use effectively human resources, facilities and equipment which are assigned to the Department.    

             - Coordinate with the Department of Testing and Educational Quality Assurance and relevant departments to conduct surveys to assess teaching abilities of lecturers, the quality of students' learning and the satisfaction of stakeholders regarding the University's training.