• Postgraduate Training

    Regarding postgraduate training, the responsibilities of the Academic Affairs Department including:

    Organizing supplementary courses, revision courses for applicants registering to the postgraduate entry exams.

    Coordinating with faculties to facilitate master students to register for the thesis topics, to assign scientific advisers to supervise master students. 

    Advising the Rector to assign scientific advisers, to approve research topics for master thesis, to approve changes of doctoral dissertation topic, changes of scientific advisers for doctoral students.

    Organizing committees to review research proposals of master students, advising the Rector to establish master thesis committees; prepare documents and organizing master thesis evaluations; controlling the correction of thesis by master students according to the conclusion of the thesis committees.

    Advising the Rector to establish the committees in order to evaluate the doctoral literature review reports and the doctoral papers.

    - Advising the Rector to establish the doctoral dissertation committee and organize the dissertation evaluations at the faculty level and at the University level.