• Function

    1. Function

    Department of Organisation-Administration’s function is to advise, synthesize information to help the Rector in staff and employee management and in internal political protection; monitor and coordinate activities of departments according to the working schedule; manage the tasks of administration, filing, reception, security, environment, health care, fire fight and prevention, flood and storm prevention, serving teaching staff rooms, vehicles for the university.

    2. Duties

    2.1. General planning duty

    o   The major place coordinating with all departments of the university to advise the Rector about the major duty, working schedule, long-term, medium-term and short-term strategy of the university;

    o   Advise and help the Rector to follow, monitor and evaluate the working plan of the departments and the whole university.

    o   The major place coordinating with all departments to synthesize and report the performance,  making monthly working schedule, advising the Rector in monthly progress meeting;

    o   Coordinate with the departments to make weekly working schedule, inform the departments, follow and monitor the implementation of the working schedule;

    o   Responsible for organising conferences, programs, symposium, preliminary and review conferences of the university;

    o   Take the minutes of the progress meetings and make announcement of the meeting results;

    o   Coordinate with departments to carry out the statistic and report regularly or abruptly according to the superior’s requests.

    2.2. Organisation and Personnel duty

    o   Research and advise the Rector to build, develop and adjust the organisation structure of the university;

    o   Make a proposal of jobs and positions of the university for the University of Danang to approve;

    o   Make a personnel plan, recommend, recruit, use, arrange, appoint, follow, monitor the staff and employee management of the university;

    o   Research, recommend the appointment, dismissal of managers and deputy managers of departments, faculties of the university, train the staff and employee to suit the development requirement of the university;

    o   Make the recruitment plan, recruit and recognize the result of the position, job title of the university and report to the University of Danang according to the regulation, sign the employment contract, working contract with staff and employee and report to the University of Danang;

    o   Make a training plan, improve the professional skills, management capacity for staff and employee of the university in long term, medium term, and short term;

    o   Research and coordinate with departments to build, adjust, supplement and issue the regulations and rules appropriate to the development requirements of the university;

    o   Mainly responsible for  the serving task in the recommendation of the title of People’s Teacher, Excellent Teacher, Professor, Associate Professor in the university;

    o   On duty for the Board of: recruitment, salary, raising rank for staff and employee;

    o   Carry out the procedure of appointing, extending, receiving the staff and employee when they go on a business trip, study in the country and overseas in the period of no more than 90 days; follow the policy and requirement to the university staff studying abroad according to the regulation of the University of Danang;

    o   Carry out the benefits and policy to the staff and employee: training, improving their professional skills; raising, changing the staff rank; raising salary scale, subsidizing for difficult circumstances, social insurance, accident insurance. Coordinating with stake holders to evaluate staff and employee annually;

    o   Manage and update the files, date, manage social insurance books of the staff and employee; update the list of the staff and employee who resigned, moved to other working places and retired annually; make a list of people who are obliged to declare property, income and report to the University of Danang; collect, file and declare the property and income declaration record of the whole university; synthesize and report to the University of Danang or ministry;

    o   Regularly report to the University of Danang the implementation of organising staff and employee of the university

    o   Carry out the internal political protection

    2.3. General administrative task

    2.3.1. Document filing task

    o   Responsible for receiving, classifying, writing a variety of letters, mails, documents, fax sent to the university, submit to the Rector and send to relevant authorities for processing;

    o   The major place coordinating with other departments to send their letters, documents, mails. Sending fax, email, registering long distance telephone with local and international areas as requested by the university management Board;

    o   Stamp a variety of letters, documents; file letters, documents according to the regulations;

    o   Keep the stamp, signature according to the law regulations and the Rector’s assignment;

    o   Grant the travel documents, reference letters, certificates and other confirmation letters for staff and employee; sign the travel documents for guests from outside authorities to work at the university; coordinate with faculties to grant confirmation letter to learners to contact with agencies for internship;

    o   Make a copy of documents issued by the university and the superiors according to the regulations.

    2.3.2. Reception task

    o   Perform the reception task. Directly or coordinate with departments to arrange the working schedule, receiving guests of the university. Prepare the necessary conditions for the university management Board to go on business trips;

    o   Design, manage and distribute the gifts of the university;

    o   Mainly responsible for carrying out annual staff and employee conference, anniversary ceremonies of the university;

    o   Coordinate the use of classrooms, meeting rooms, meeting hall in the university.

    2.3.3. Security task

    o   Manage the activities of propagation, information and advertisement in the university campus. Update the information regularly on the university website;

    o   Create and carry out the security methods; fire fight and prevention. Manage the people on duty at the entrance gate; patrol the classrooms and working areas. Work as a major place to coordinate with police, local authorities for the security of the university campus;

    o   Coordinate with all departments to ensure the security for the university events;

    o   Mainly responsible for dealing with incidents relating to security, life and personal and organisation property within the limits managed by the university.

    2.3.4. Healthcare task

    o   Carry out the health check-up for staff, employee and students in the university; give first-aid, examine and treat the normal sicknesses according to the regulations, prevent diseases, give health advice to staff, employee and students;

    o   The major place to carry out health insurance, accident insurance for staff, employee and students; contact the medical center to carry out the health check-up for staff and employee;

    o   Responsible for researching, recommending solutions and making occupational safety and health regulations for staff and employee of the university;

    o   Responsible for coordinating with relevant authorities to inspect occupational safety tasks, food hygiene and safety of services in the university.

    2.3.5. Sanitation and environment task

    o   Carry out the serving task for teachers and students, cleaning meeting rooms, meeting halls, classrooms;

    o   Advise the Rector on planning the environment, planting, trimming, taking care of trees, flowers to keep the environment green, clean and beautiful;

    o   Coordinate with Youth Union to carry out the “green-clean-beautiful” movement organised by the local authorities;

    o   Inspect, monitor the implementation of environmental sanitation in the university;

    o   Clean the environment

    2.4. Other tasks

    o   Manage the cars of the university to serve the business trips of the university management Board and departments according to the regulations;

    o   Synthesize the recommendation lists, purchase, distribute office supplies, tools, printing and photocopying services outsourced according to the regulations;

    o   Manage and utilize effectively human resources and facilities

    o   Coordinate with relevant authorities to carry out arising matters during the operation of the university

    o   Perform other tasks assigned by the Rector.