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    Program specification

    Program specification - 2023-2024


    The training program specialized in Marketing Communication applies a credit training system with 134 credits, including a general knowledge block, industry knowledge block and a specialized knowledge block. The curriculum is designed according to a flexible pathway that allows students to plan their study and complete the program from 3 to 6 years.

    Graduates of the Bachelor of Marketing Communication program achieve output standards with a solid foundation of (1) professional knowledge and skills to be able to work in the modern marketing communications and marketing environment; (2) have good qualities, a sense of compliance with professional ethics; (3) have information technology skills to adapt to the ongoing solid digital marketing trend, (4) gain foreign language skills to be able to participate in the global labour market, (5) have business communication competencies and adapt to rapidly changing business environments and (6) competencies required for lifelong learning goals.



    With a team of lecturers primarily trained from famous universities globally such as Canada, the UK, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Japan, the Faculty of Marketing is confident in its ability to keep pace with marketing research and teaching development. Our curriculum is developed to international standards with a high degree of adaptation to the needs of society and business. 

    The credit system includes many highly up-to-date knowledge blocks with the curriculum of the world's leading universities in Marketing, majoring in Marketing Communication. The teaching and learning materials system is updated annually with active and practical teaching methods associated with extracurricular activities throughout the semesters, subjects, and students majoring in Marketing dynamism, creativity and well-developed lifelong learning capacity. We are also proud of the network of links in research and training with universities, experts, and foreign businesses to continuously improve the curriculum according to the global business environment and the global business environment internationally recognized with accreditation from AUN-QA in 2019.