• Introduction


    Role of learning consultant: 

    1. Consulting and helping students in their studies and research, and in job orienting; 

    2. Manage student’s life and activities at school time.

    Consultant job description: 

    1. Consulting and helping students in their studies and research, and in job orienting:

    a. Organize discussions and implement regulations on credit system, the school's regulations related to students' rights and obligations;

    b. Consult students on learning methods, self-study methods and scientific research skills, skills in collecting and processing information and learning materials;

    c. Discuss with and guide students on the full-time training program, specialized training programs and on how to choose the modules, and on how they can comply with the prerequisites of each module;

    d. Guide students through process and procedures to register for the modules, to cancel the module, and to develop a personal study plan for each semester;

    e. Sign for acceptance or refusal in Student Registration Form;

    f.  Discuss with and assist students in selecting internships, choosing thesis topics, essays, scientific research topics in accordance with students' abilities, aspirations and career orientations;

    g. Remind students if their results are not good; 

    h. Respond to students' questions regarding their studies within your jurisdiction;

    i.  Do not instruct, give answers to questions related to subject’s contents or intervene in the subject’s content of the lecturer;

    k. Show honesty and fairness when conducting student counseling, support and guidance activities.

    2. The roles of academic advisors in student management work include:

    a. Organize class meetings annually; approve list of class cadres; organize regular class activities;

    b. Coordinate with the Department’s faculty assistant, student unions and student association to monitor the comprehensive assessment of students' learning and training; give comment and give training credits according to the regulations on assessment and classification of students;

    c. Coordinate the Department of Student Affairs, students to educate political, moral and behavioral qualities;

    d. Propose the Department of Student Affairs to solve policies for students;

    e. Coordinate with the Department of Training in developing learning plans, exam plans, internships for students;

    f.  Consult and orient students to participate in mass activities, social activities, extracurricular activities;



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