• About us

    About Faculty of Marketing 

    Faculty was established in November 2014 started from being a major of Department of Business Administration, University of Economics - Danang University, which is one of the pioneers in Business Administration.

    With a team of 17 permanent lecturers, including 02 PhD/Associate Professors, 03 Doctors, 06 Doctoral candidates, 06 Masters, 02 administrative officers, also with some visiting professors in Viet Nam and from foreign universities, we are confident to have adequate resource for teaching and research in the field of marketing. All academic staffs have been trained in developed countries, such as Canada, France, England, Holland, New Zealand and Japan. This creates a diversity of orientations for teaching and research as well as international integration.

    Marketing faculty is maintaining 3 bachelor training programs: Marketing Management, Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing. We plan to establish Marketing Master degree program (research and application). Marketing faculty not only extend and diverse major’s branches, type of training but also focus on building and maintaining academic quality following international standards.

    We are aware of the basic role of education: The foundation of creating the future”. We believe by igniting the inspiration of knowledge inside people and giving them opportunities to use it is the key to every success. Therefore, Marketing faculty always researches/ creates innovative methods for studying to make it more engaging and equip students with self-learning capability. This foundation can help them achieve success in a constantly moving environment.

    Why Marketing?

    Career Opportunity

    Coming to Marketing, You will have multiple choices for career according to your personality and forte. If you are a sociable person with creative mind and good public speaking ability, Marketing Communications is the place for you.

    If you prefer working with figures, figuring out customers’ behavior with your analytics ability then Marketing Management is always there for you.

    If you like organizing events, bringing joy and meanings to people and you are familiar with leadership then Event Management is the field for you to shine.

    Your choices are not limited by the above. You can become a business man or an activist with knowledge and skills developed in our curriculum

    High quality academic facilities

    Marketing faculty of DUE is the highest quality academy in the middle side. Our lecturers are professionals trained from abroad universities with excellent reputation. We always put full effort into bringing new approach in teaching and research. Marketing faculty consider students’ experience and development the first priority. Therefore, you can rest assured about your future with us.

    Self-development opportunities

    If you still concern about the compatibility between yourself and your chosen career then Marketing Faculty can be the starting line for your self-exploring journey. You have the opportunity to interact with lecturers, many generations of students to find out your strengths and forte. Participating in abundant extracurricular activities, practical internships also helps you with finding the suitable career. Like above-mentioned, we find it essential to equip our students with self-learning/ self- researching so they can be confident with changes around them.