1.  Training objectives

    1.1.  General objectives

    After 3 to 5 years of graduation, Marketing students will be able to:

    - Become a marketing executive on either client-side or agencies in various industries, including government, non-profit, corporate, education, etc. (PO1).

    - Become a middle or top-level marketing manager either nationally or internationally such as: marketing manager, brand manager, PR manager, creative manager, sales manager, etc. (PO2).

    1.2. Expected learning outcome:

    1. 3. Employment opportunities

    Marketing Management students are trained and prepared the knowledge and competencies required to grow in the career advancement of businesses and organizations from marketing executive to marketing manager and marketing director at the national and international level, which require high professionalism and good English skills, including:

    • State agencies;  Non-governmental organizations to handle marketing activities such as: Event organization;  Market research and analysis;  Public Relations;  Design and manage marketing communication programs;  Marketing strategy;  Product and brand management for the organization.
    • Businesses and organizations (Client): to handle most of the work related to marketing functions in the enterprises; with outstanding companies like Unilever, P&G, Coca-Cola, Nesle…Jobs are often varied in different positions : from marketing executive (specializing in online marketing, market research, distribution and sales, customer care, communications,… ) to senior managers such as Marketing Director, Sales Manager, Distribution Channel Development Manager, Communications Manager, Brand Director.
    • Companies providing marketing services (Agency) such as marketing consulting company;  market research and analysis company, customer (Nielsen, FTA ...);  The company specializes in advertising, media (such as Ogilvy & Mather, Dentsu, Cowan,…). In addition, Marketing students are also equipped with the necessary knowledge to be able to start up as well as study higher education in the field of marketing at home and abroad.

    With specialized positions in the field of:

    • Market Research: Research, analysis and forecasting of market trends in market research enterprises and market research departments in the units such as Market Research Director, Market Research Manager, Market Research Supervisor, Market Analyst.
    • Product and Brand Management: Work and take charge of brand management, research and design, new product management with positions such as Brand Manager,  Product Manager, Product Development Specialist, etc.
    • Promotion: In charge of creating and implementing activities, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of communication programs, including advertising, promotion, public relation ... with positions such as (Advertising Manager, , Advertising Sales DirectorPublic Relations SpecialistPublic Relations DirectorCorporate Communications Manager).
    • Marketing Channels: To manage distribution channels, take charge of supplying, distribution and marketing activities at the sale places so that the product can reach consumers in the most effective way, such as Channel Development Directors, Horeca Channel Sales Manager, Modern Marketing Channel Manager, Trade Marketing Manager,etc.
    • Sales & marketing online: Work and take charge of sales force management, direct sales design, online marketing, digital marketing, and assume positions such as Sales directors,  Sales representatives, Sales executives,….
    • Pricing: Developing and adjusting product pricing policies at the enterprises (selling price, discount rate, promotion price ...).
    • Event Management: take charge of design and management of media programs and events organization, such as Event planners, Event coordinators, ….
    • Customer services: Operating in units and in charge of design and supplying and customer services, customer care, construction and management of relationships with customers (e.g. Customer care excutive, Customer care leader, Supervisor, Head of customer care department).

    Career road map 

    2. Training time:

    4 years according to the program design , however, students can shorten to 3 years or extend the study time to 6 years (maximum) depending on their ability and conditions of study.

    3. Number of credits in the whole course: 133 credits, excluding Physical Education and National Defense Education.

    4. Entry Requirement: Graduated from high school, vocational school

    5. Training Process: Form of Credits.