• Vision - Mission



    The FOM aims to affirm the value and position of DUE as a prestigious institute for research, teaching and transfer of marketing technology in Vietnam and around the world. We accomplish this mission via our influential contributions to the system of marketing knowledge and practice, and via teaching and supplying high-quality human resources for the society. We aspire to the advancement of Vietnamese marketing community with the aim of exploring individual potentials and fostering a spirit of cooperation among students, lecturers, businesses and the community. 

    The values that we preserve protect and guide all our actions are as follows: Respect, Creativity and Passion for Perfection. 


    As a member of a renowned university in Vietnam, the FOM is fully aware of its role and responsibilities in the development of scientific knowledge as well as supply of human resources in marketing for the country. The FOM strives to be acknowledged by both Vietnamese and international marketing community as an excellent research and teaching center, pioneering in the development of marketing science, training marketing specialists as well as offering marketing solutions for the community 


    The logo is designed in the shape of the letter "M" which stands for "marketing". The letter "M" is stylized gently and does not lose the characteristics of the principle of letters, this makes it easy for viewers to identify immediately. Besides, the simplicity of the logo when it only has the image of an "M" makes it more refined when its meaning is expressed gently through shape and color. Simple, sophisticated, easy to understand is what we want to bring to you.
    Looking at the logo, we can clearly recognize that it is the faculty of marketing The letter "M" is made up of 1 contiguous color band that means cohesion and smoothness The three main colors of the logo: Green, Blue and orange are gentle and bright colors, they are combined in a harmonious way, representing youthfulness, dynamism, enthusiasm, creativity and respect.