• Introduction



    1. General Information 

    Based on the vision and vision of the Faculty of Marketing to become an excellent marketing research and training center in Vietnam and Southeast Asia as well as the vision of the University of Economics, DaNang University to become a research university. leading Vietnam, TRT Research-Teaching Group was originally born.

    The TRT Research-Teaching Group is a core force that promotes, supports and implements training and research innovation, combining research with training and practical applications.

    2. Aim 

    Training: To promote, consult and support to improve the quality of training, towards reaching international standards for undergraduate and postgraduate training.
    Scientific research: To organize the registration and bidding of local, national and international scientific research projects, conducting international publication in ISI journals.
    Local, national and international cooperation: To develop a network of cooperation with research organizations, universities, business community at national and international level.

    3. Member 

    The TRT group was established and consisted of 15 members with high professional qualifications including 2 Assoc., 4 PhD, 4 PhD, and 5 MSc. PhD and PhD ratio: 67%, trained in advanced academic environments such as the United Kingdom, Australia, France, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Taiwan. 

    4. Research fields
    - Branding and development
    - Local marketing
    - Digital marketing
    - Social marketing



    1. General information 

    The Reading Theory Group (TRG) of Faculty of Marketing is a collection of scientists and lecturers working at the Faculty of Marketing, University of Economics - Danang University for the purpose of sharing scientific information and practical issues of economic, business and contemporary management of Vietnam and the world, towards building a scientific community to share common scientific knowledge.

    2. Form of organization

    - Reading group is a form of organization based on the voluntary participation of official scientists and lecturers  working at Faculty of Marketing, University of Economics - Danang University 

    - Members of the Reading group include:

    + Core members:  They will play a key role in spreading new knowledge (reporter, idea initiator, idea guide ...), promoting the spread of knowledge, building up and developing the "community of scientific readers"  in the Faculty of Marketing. 

    + Participants : scientists and lecturers  who wish to attend the group's reading sessions, but are not required to report and present.

    + Required Number of participants in each session: minimum of 3 core members.

    - Reading groups do not charge membership fees.