• Looking back at the meeting with 48K Marketing freshmen

    Looking back at the meeting with 48K Marketing freshmen 

    At 6:30 pm on October 18, 2022, at Hall A, University of Economics - the University of Da Nang held a solemn and cheerful meeting between the Faculty of Marketing and 48K Marketing students.
    During the meeting, the new Marketing students received a lot of valuable sharing from the Executive Board of the Faculty. Additionally, the lecturers of the Faculty also delivered motivational messages to the next generation of Marketing students who will continue to achieve impressive success at the Faculty of Marketing.
    Moreover, the new students also had the opportunity to enjoy special musical performances from the senior students and participate in joyfully thrilling games.
    The meeting also warmly welcomed the presence of the Youth Union of Marketing, Communications Team, DUE Marketer, and Musical Team. To help 48K students better understand the mission of each unit, the seniors created an incredibly exciting and dynamic atmosphere to strengthen and foster the friendship within the Faculty of Marketing.
    Let's take a look at the photos from the meeting last night!