• Campus Tour - The youthful journey of 48K Marketing

    Campus Tour - The youthful journey of 48K Marketing

    Recently, Youth Union of Faculty of Marketing accompanied new students to take their first steps on the journey at university through an interesting and useful Campus Tour.

    The "new chapter" of freshmen may have many challenges ahead. What they have to take into consideration is how to overcome those struggles to achieve the desired results. Therefore, the organizing committee assigned the 48K students to complete challenging secret codes, strengthen their teamwork skills, hence win together at the finish line. Through such experience, students had opportunities to gain enlightening knowledge and understand more specifically about life at the University.

    Hopefully that the students will always be excited and full of energy to navigate through all difficulties. Wishing you all the best in the upcoming journey of "Inspire Enthusiasm - Ignite Passion". Let's create a beautiful and memorable youth together at Faculty of Marketing!