• Program specification


    Program specification

    Program specification - 2023-2024

    Around the world, the ongoing development of the Internet, technology and smartphones has led to the strong growth of new industries. One of those trends is digital marketing. The social need for digital marketing is increasingly crucial in big or small companies. According to the World Economic Forum (2020), Digital Marketing ranks 4th in the top 20 jobs that are growing in future demand globally. 

    In Vietnam, digital marketing is considered as the profession in the 4.0 era because it promises both the scale of operations and the role in the business. Digital marketing takes advantage of the combination of the Internet and technological devices (computers or mobile phones) and other platforms to promote companies' marketing activities, helping to reach users quickly and effectively. The fact shows that the demand for professional labour in the field of digital marketing in the world and Vietnam is increasing rapidly. Based on this fact, in 2021, a bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing was born at the Faculty of Marketing beside the two majors of Marketing Management and Marketing Communication.

    The bachelor's program in Digital Marketing aims to train a workforce with the necessary qualifications to develop according to career advancement levels in businesses and organizations from Digital Marketing staff to management levels, intermediaries and senior marketing management (CGO) in the digital environment. This training program will contribute to implementing the mission of the University of Danang. With a vision to become one of the top 50 universities in Southeast Asia with many critical disciplines in the fields of engineering; economy; natural Sciences; social and Humanities, the opening of a digital marketing major helps to further improve the quality of research in the field of marketing in the context of the rapid change of technology factors 4.0 and international integration. This is entirely in line with the strategic goal of the University of Danang, which is to become a centre for cooperation in research and application development of national and international stature.