• Introduction


    Marketing communication major is the inevitable development of the Faculty of Marketing in research and teaching in Marketing over the past 15 years. The training program is built on the CDIO approach concerning training programs of advanced countries in the world. 

    1. Training objectives

    1.1. Overall Objective

    The program's objective is to train and supply businesses and organizations with marketing communications and managers for the national and international labour market in marketing and marketing communications.

    After 3 to 5 years of graduation, graduates will have the necessary competencies to develop into managers and marketing communications professionals with the following qualities:

    • They are equipped with scientific background and knowledge, Specializing in marketing and marketing communications.
    • They can manage marketing communication activities for the organization and use marketing communication tools and techniques in a globalized and digital environment.
    •  They can enhance the study ability at a higher level, self-study, and think critically and creatively in marketing communication activities.
    • They can work in a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural environment with essential skills such as business communication, English skills, and effective teamwork.
    • They are passionate about marketing communication and adhere to professional ethics and social responsibility. 


    1.2. Output

    2. Job opportunities

    Marketing Communication students are trained and prepared to have the ability and opportunity to work as marketing communications specialists and managers in three different groups of organizations, including (1) production, trade, and service enterprises (2) advertising and media agencies (Agency) (3) public and non-governmental organizations with the following diverse fields:

    + Advertising sector (Advertising): Working in media companies, advertising agencies as well as organizations involved in the field of advertising with positions such as Advertising Director, Advertising Creative Specialist, Specialist exploiting Advertising, Sales Specialist, Account CoordinatorMedia DirectorMedia CoordinatorMedia Buyer, Copywriter.

    + Online marketing field (Online Marketing Jobs): Working in businesses, in charge of activities marketing online and companies providing online media services with four job groups: Ma online marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, online advertising.

    + Public relations field: Working in businesses and public administration activities, organizational communication at work positions such as public relations specialist, event organizer, event planner, administrative communication manager.

    + Brand communication (Corporate & Brand) Communication): Active in businesses and in charge of corporate brand and product communication activities with positions such as Communications Director, Communications Specialist, Brand Communication Director, Consultant strategic communication.

    + Promotion field (Promotion): Active in businesses and in charge of planning and administering promotions with positions such as promotion administrator and manager. 

    + Sales field: Activities in firms and in charge of administrative operations sales force, direct sales, etc with job placement as: Salespeople, Sales Administrator, Sales Representative .

    The opportunity for professional development and personal Personnel: Marketing Communication students are trained and prepared with the necessary knowledge and competencies to develop according to career advancement levels in organizations from marketing communication officer (marketing communication officer) to middle management (marketing communication manager) and top management (marketing communication director) levels.

    In addition, students majoring in Marketing Communication are also equipped with the necessary knowledge for further study in Marketing. 

    3. Training period: According to the program design is four years, depending on the ability and learning conditions, students can shorten it to 3 years or extend the study period up to 6 years. 

    4. Full-course knowledge volume: 133 credits, excluding physical education and defence education courses. 

    5. Applicants: High school graduates, professional high school

    6. Training process: Form of credit. 

    7. Scale: Regulations on university training under credit institutions.

     See more information : K28.TruyenThongMarketing.CTĐT.2021.pdf