MICA - MARKETING IN CONNECTED AGE is a thematic international conference on the latest and most prominent trends of contemporary marketing, held biennially by University of Economics – The University of Da Nang (DUE) in cooperation with other local and international partners.

MICA’s mission is to connect the community of marketing researchers and practitioners in Vietnam and around the world for the development of marketing science and technology as well as public benefits. 

Through MICA, UE-UD in general and the Faculty of Marketing in particular aspire to contribute to promoting the discovery, dissemination and transfer of business and marketing scientific knowledge for a successful and prosperous business community.



- To establish theoretical and practical frameworks for rethinking marketing in the new context, especially fundamental changes as well as opportunities and challenges arising from new waves of technology that have been taking place in this decade. 

- To create a forum for exchanging scientific knowledge and sharing experiences among researchers, professionals and the public about important trends in marketing in the context of current technological revolution. 

- To connect members of a wider community that share interests and concerns for marketing both locally and internationally. 

- To forge a close link among research community, business community and other stakeholders for the overall development of marketing in Vietnam. 

- To provide a reliable source of scientific knowledge and management experiences for Vietnamese enterprises that are suitable to the resource provision and corporate culture, especially in small and medium enterprises.


Main theme: 

In five years, if you run your business in same way as you do now. You’re going to be out of business” 

- Philippe Kotler - 

Our world today is unlike yesterday’s, and will not be like tomorrow’s. Never before have technologies changed so quickly, considerably and radically. New waves of technology, especially information and communication technologies such as cloud computing, mobile solutions, Internet of things, social networking, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. have been evolving fast and drastically. These waves are changing the way people live and work, restructuring industries and transforming markets. These changes therefore have constantly challenged traditional theoretical frameworks as well as marketing practices and required reexamination. 

MICA 2018, as a multidimensional exchange forum, is geared towards new discoveries in redefining markets, customers, competition as well as new marketing practices in the context of increasingly powerful waves of technology. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: 

* Changes in approaches to market, business and competition in the presence of new technologies such as value co-creation, cooperative competition, public consumption, social media, etc. 

* Changes in consumer and organizational behaviors in Vietnam and around the world among current waves of technology such as millennial generation, new social movements, new consumer trends, etc. 

* Challenges and opportunities for business sectors in Vietnam and around the world in the context of new technologies such as market fragmentation, inter-mediation - disinter-mediation, restructuring, alliance and cooperation, etc. 

* Challenges for marketing activities of Vietnamese and international enterprises while facing new waves of technology. 

* Marketing and business models based on potential technologies in Vietnam and around the world. 

* Opportunities and challenges for training and providing marketing services in the new context.