Turnitin Scheduled Maintenance on 13/7/2019


Scheduled Maintenance

We’re just dropping you a note to remind you that the following Turnitin services will be unavailable on July 13, 2019:

  • Turnitin and TurnitinUK,
  • Feedback Studio for iOS
  • CPF, Blackboard, Moodle
  • iThenticate
  • WriteCheck

To ensure that services remain stable, particularly during high submission periods, this maintenance will include several hardware updates and performance improvements.

When will services be unavailable?

PDT July 1308:00- 16:00

BST July 13 16:00 - 00:00

AEST July 1401:00 - 09:00

Is your time zone not listed? Clickhereto find out when you’ll be affected.

How will you be affected?

While we’d love to provide an uninterrupted service, our machines require a health check every now and again...

Users will be unable to submit and grade during this maintenance window, so please ensure that any submission deadlines are adjusted to fall outside of the window.

Thanks for your patience!

Stay up to date with Turnitin system status by following@TurnitinStatuson Twitter.

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