Author: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le The Gioi - Dr. Nguyen Thanh Liem - MA. Tran Huu Hai

Publisher: Lao Dong – Xa Hoi

Page number: 581

Year of publication: 2014

Category: Strategic governance books.

Strategy is often considered as the product of a rational planning process led by senior management, but not all. In many cases, valuable strategies can arise from the inside of the organization, without any prior planning.

Table of content:


Chapter 1: Introduction to strategic management

Chapter 2: Statement of perspective and mission

Chapter 3: Analysis of the external environment

Chapter 4: Internal analysis

Chapter 5: Creating competitive advantages through functional strategies

Chapter 6: Business-level strategy

Chapter 7: Competitive methods

Chapter 8: Strategies in the global environment

Chapter 9: Company strategy.

Chapter 10: Organizational structure design and control system.