The Faculty of Business Administration is the first unit of the University of Economics to undertake master training. Up to now, after more than 15 years, there have been 26 courses with nearly 700 graduates and MBAs. Postgraduate education has helped alumni to return to the higher education level, realizing the dream of conquering the treasure of knowledge of business administration and business of mankind. Most of them are successful in life, firm and confident in the leadership and management of enterprises and organizations.

    From a general training orientation, up to now the MBA program has developed into two distinct directions: research orientation and application orientation.

    Master of Business Administration: To train executives with in-depth knowledge in the field of business administration, capable of researching and discovering issues related to business administration. Graduates can become entrepreneurs, faculty, researchers at research institutions, universities.

    Candidates for this orientation are those who have graduated from university with a specialization in business administration, economics and management.

    Master of Applied Business Administration: To train high-level business executives with professional and effective management skills. Graduates can become entrepreneurs and business leaders with a vision and knowledge of business management in a global environment that is capable of managing and organizing business operations. business in the context of international integration.

    The enrollment of this orientation extends to all graduates of the university, regardless of their previous majors. However, depending on the specialty, graduates need to undertake an additional academic program.