Founded in 1992, The Faculty of Business Administration (DBA) of University of Economics, The University of Da Nang is one of the pioneering business administration training and research in Vietnam. Over 27 years of development and mature, DBA always affirms its leading role in teaching and research. DBA is proud to be the first unit of DUE to adjust the curriculum in the direction of approaching the world, being the first unit to introduce active teaching methods, diversified forms of assessment including process assessment and final exam assessment. In compliance with DUE educational philosophy known as "Liberal Arts – Self-initiative - Pragmatism", the Faculty of Business Administration chooses "Learning by doing" as the direction for teaching and learning. This motto has been adopted since 2008.  DBA has developed the textbook system served for teaching. 100% of specialized courses have used textbooks complied or written by the faculty academic staff. This supports the self-study of student and enables lecturers to spend more time in class on active teaching activities.


    VISION: The Faculty of Business Administration strives to become a national and regional leading training, research and consultancy center for management and business science. The faculty will be a reliable bridge between advanced management science and the dynamic business and management community in Vietnam.

    MISSION: Our mission is to help everyone to reach their potential, develop competencies, nurture entrepreneurship, nurture entrepreneurship, target the successes in career and life, and contribute to community welfare. We are committed to actively participating in value creation with the University by conducting research and transferring knowledge in the business and management fields.

    VALUES: We cherish and foster these values: Creative - Sharing – Respect

    Traditional camp for 15 years to establish the Faculty and receive the Labor Medal class III


    DBA is proud to be the pioneer in connecting industries and alumni to training and scientific research. Since 2008, DBA has held a lot of workshops and undertaken co-curricular activities at different companies /enterprises. DBA is also the initiator of DUE in innovating internship from the traditional way to the new way approaching to American standards with the aim of increasing the experience for learners.

    In addition to developing a bachelor's degree program, DBA is also the pioneer of DUE to open its doors to its intake of people pursuing business administration program at master and doctoral level. Currently, the faculty has the highest number of master and PhD students at DUE. Apart from regular training mode, the faculty also promotes short-term training courses and offers on-the-job training to businesses.


    The Business Administration Program has been established since 1992, with the objective of training the graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to become managers in all organizations. We are proud of being the first BA training institute in the Central and Central Highlands of Vietnam.

    Our curriculum is developed according to the world standards with a high degree of adaptability to the needs of the society and the business. The credit based system includes a variety of knowledge, which is highly compatible with curriculum in American and Europe, enhancing flexibility for students. The teaching materials system is updated annually, and the positive teaching methods promote students to develop the capacity of lifelong learning.

    The Business Administration Program is designed according to a credit based system with 134 credits consisting: general courses, business courses, management courses, business plan and internship/graduation thesis, including compulsory and elective courses which are designed in a logical pathway that allowing students to flexibly plan their studies; so that they can earn a bachelor's degree from 3-6 years.


    Bachelor of Human Resource Management at the graduate level mastered the knowledge of human resource management, human and organizational understanding, able to detect human resource issues in the organization and have the ability to design and implement the human resource management functions which is to ensure, maintain and develop human resources effectively, contribute to the implementation of strategy and create competitive advantage through human resources for the organization.


    The Master of Business Administration program (MBA) provides training in two directions: Master of Business Administration oriented research: Train executives with in-depth knowledge about business administration, capable of researching and discovering issues related to business administration. Graduates can become entrepreneurs, researchers at research institutions, universities.

    Master of Business Administration application: Train high-level business executives with professional and effective management skills. Graduates can become entrepreneurs and business leaders with a vision and knowledge of business management in a global environment that is capable of managing and organizing business operations. business in the context of international integration.


    The program aims to train PhDs in Business Administration. Graduates are able to undertake independent research, develop new theories, and scientific arguments in the field of business administration. After graduation, PhDs in business administration are likely to become research specialists, university lecturers, senior consultants, policy makers, corporate executives, corporations, economic groups.


    Our mission is to work together to build a strong business community. The Faculty of Business Administration is recognized as a prestigious training and consulting organization in the region. Focusing on building close relationships with businesses, the Faculty has made positive and practical contributions to the development of the business community through training and consultancy activities, the Mekong Development Assistance Program, the Small and Medium Enterprises Training Center in Central Vietnam, the training program on knowledge management and business management skills for enterprises in Danang city, Central and across the country. In addition, the faculty cooperates with the business community to support students, such as scholarships, academic activities, internships and internships, organizing internship programs, organizing internship programs. vocational training and job creation, sports activities, mass organizations.


    International cooperation: The faculty has extensive relationships with academic communities such as universities and research institutes in the country and in the world. The Faculty regularly exchanges scholarships and materials with major universities such as Towson-USA, Obirin-Japan, Uqam-Canada, UPMF-France, AIT-Thailand. Master of Business Administration with partners Towson University, University of Sunderland brings more opportunities to get international degrees for Vietnamese students.

    Scientific research: Scientific research is always one of the top tasks of the Faculty. The Faculty has published over 20 curricula for study, teaching and research and implemented scientific research topics at all levels and has contributed articles for journals, journals, national and international scientific conferences, which have been highly appreciated for practical application. . Faculty students also actively participate in scientific research and achieve high achievements. Integrating with the direction of scientific research of the school, in recent years, the faculty has strengthened the scientific research activities, the implementation of research projects at the Ministry, Daan University, applied topics. in the provinces, organize scientific seminars and other scientific activities. Every year, the Faculty cooperates with the Da Nang Young Businessmen Association and local universities to organize a scientific workshop in association with practical needs - Business Administration and Business Conference (COMB).


    With more than 65% of Ph.D., including 2 Professors, have been trained from many prestigious universities around the world, over the past 20 years, we have trained about 4000 bachelors, 800 masters and 50 doctors.

    Faculty Lectures & Staff

    All lecturers are trained in the top countries of business administration training such as UK, Russia, America, France, ... and fully capable of fulfilling the commitment of providing quality training and the best scientific research.


    The Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics, The University of Da Nang

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