Scientific research has always been the primary objective of the Faculty of Business Administration during its period of formation and development . In parallel with the teaching, the Faculty staffs continuously devote time in scientific research works, from domestic articles to international, local and national projects. In our department, scientific research is defined as an important, necessary and mandatory solution to improve the quality of training, a measure of the professional competence of each instructor. Besides, the Faculty is also very interested in developing scientific research in students- the major activity of the Faculty. Up to now, the Faculty of Business Administration has published about 170 articles, including 26 international journals, the remainder being published in local magazines and conferences. The faculty members have chaired and participated in a total of 56 topics including 31 ministerial-level subjects and 9 provincial-level subjects.

    The faculty of Business Administration is one of the leading units in the field of curriculum development and reference materials for teaching and learning of students. Up to now, the falcuty has published a total of 16 textbooks with nearly a dozen books of monographs.

    From 2012 to now, the Faculty regularly organizes scientific seminars on topics related to management and business science. Up to now, the faculty has successfully organized two seminars on management science and co-organized two seminars on business management and business with Da Nang Young Entrepreneurs Association.