Authors: Dr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan, MA. Nguyen Thi Loan

Category: Economics

ISBN: 5102261964543

Year of publication: 9/2010

Weight: 520 gr

Publisher: Tai Chinh

Pages: 328 pages – Size: 19x27 cm

Nowadays, the large US corporations have discovered great power in developing the self-awareness skills of executives in the organization. Every year, millions of executives design the tools to enhance self-awareness skills in their organizations, the typical corporations applying these tools are Apple, AT&T, CitiCorp, Exxon, General Electric, HoneyWell, 3M, and even the US military.

The difference in perceptions of each person is clearly expressed in his or her priority values and also in the expressions of value maturity, learning styles, changeable directions and his or her communication trend with others. Understanding these differences will help many companies find better ways to resolve their organizations’ problems such as interpersonal conflicts, ineffective communication, mutual distrust, and even mutual misunderstandings.

After asking the world's top 100 executives to undergo a Cognitive Skills test and training, the president of the Computer Network Security company, under the Hiltton Hotels & Budget Rent-a-Car group has stated that:

“Actually, we have encountered some cognitive-related problems. I realized that I have experienced an overload in getting information from others and this training has helped us a lot in understanding others and brought us an advantage in making effective decisions. Since then, we thought that we would not have overcome the organization’s crisis if we had not gone through this awareness course”


Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Self-awareness.

Chapter 2: Managing personal stress.

Chapter 3: Solving problems in analytical and creative way.

Chapter 4: Training, counseling, and support communication.

Chapter 5: Power and influence.

Chapter 6: Motivation.

Chapter 7: Conflict management.

Chapter 8: Building effective groups and group-work