Established in 1992, The Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics, The University of Danang, is one of the pioneers in training and researching in the field of business administration around the country. In 2017, marked and recorded 25-year building, striving, growing and developing, DBA community excitedly welcomed and celebrated The 25th Anniversary of The Faculty of Business Administration.

On these days, especially close to the DBA festive day on November 18th, we came across a lot of beloved glint from colleagues, the greetings from business community, and notably showing up in each teachers and former students is the intimate affection and gratitude between them.

The images from classes constantly were posted, addressed to teachers, school in the past days. Let’s take a look at the images of a young and vibrant youth, of all past days under the roof of Danang University of Economics and at the Faculty of Business Administration, and all dear messages from former students about beautiful memories between teachers and students.

A memorial image between Class 27K2.2 and teachers on a 15th Anniversary of Graduation

An image of the Grateful Program of Class 26K2.1. The student of this class dancing with Prof.Lan, now is PhD.Ngo Thi Khue Thu, lecturer of the Faculty of Business Administration and Head of subject, lecturer of the Faculty of Marketing.

This class has played truant to go out so that they have not given their class name. The writer will track out and publicize as soon as possible (*)

Students from Class 38K2.2, everyone dreams to be a leader.

Looking for University of Economics and the Faculty of Business Administration. They have found their Faculty.

Sex crisis period of the Faculty. Therefore, class 30K12 had the initiative to use these beautiful ladies of this class to attract male students in a Faculty’s enrollment program.

Mr.Trinh and Mr.Tri became a storm-eye in the 2000s.

Now they are tigers in the cage so that it’s hard for them to budge.


Class 25K2.1

A picture of former students from class 93K2 and all class in the same course in the 20th Anniversary of graduation. In the teaching staff of the university, there are two assocciate professors of this course who have been former students of the Faculty of Business Administration (Mr.Le Van Huy and Mr.Truong Hong Trinh)


Class 25K2.1 in a class get-together reunion


           Class 22K2.2, 22K2.3 in a class get-together reunion

Class 22K2.2 in a class get-together reunion

The class of 24K are happy and proud to become the football championship team celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration

A picture of the class of 28K in a former students football champion league celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration. This team invested in tactics very hard but in the end they didn’t win the victory. They are determined to practice to prepare for the 30th Anniversary.

PhD.Prof.Nguyen Xuan Lan is ranked #1 following the density of memorial pictures of DBA teachers and students.



Teachers and Students (*)

 A class get-together reunion (*)


Class 93K2 (*)

A former student from course 24K, Mr.Huynh Duy Khuong in class 24K2.4 visits the Faculty and gives scholarships for students in difficult circumstances.

Someday ago, The 30K2 class received the third-class labor medal along with the 15th Anniversary of the Faculty and now it is close to the 25th Anniversary.

Class 31K2.1
A memorial picture of Class 93K2 with teachers in the 20th Anniversary Graduation

A memorial picture of the 15th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration and receiving a third-class labor medal is occupying major quantity in DBA photo collection.

The former students from class 31K2 visit the Faculty and don’t forget to decorate the office for the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty.


-       There are some pictures in the post being defined to update the class name (*).

-       Classes which haven’t had any picture in the post please send some to Facebook 25 years of the Faculty of Business Administration – Danang University of Economics to update more.