• General introduction of Internship Programme



    The Internship (Graduation Thesis) course helps students approach the corporate world and better understand on-going businesses in reality, as well as develop their research skills by applying scientific methods to solve business and management problems. As before, graduation thesis only targets students who are passionate about research, wishing to become researchers or lecturers and to pursue their postgraduate studies. Now, with the new approach of the Graduation Thesis associated with the practice, students can conduct their scientific research by immersing themselves in the business environment, learning and proposing recommendations for enterprises based on relevant empirical literatures or theoretical frameworks with proper scientific methods. That way, students not only enhance their scientific skills but also diversify thesis in various topics that are closely related to business and social issues. 

    The Internship Program starts with the pre-internship period, taking place at least 1-2 months before the student begins the official internship period. At this stage, all students will be trained on how to write a proper CV & CL and create a competitive application profile based on the job requirements of the internship position. The second stage is the official internship under the supervision of a faculty lecturer and an instructor at the company. Students spend total 16 weeks in this stage, in which 14 weeks spent as an actual employee at an internship unit minimum 20h/week under the supervision of one person in charge at internship’s unit and one academic staff. In the first 3 weeks, students complete an internship plan, an internship commitment form and a job description with the approval of the unit. Throughout the internship period students are required to submit weekly internship journals on E-learning and present 3 milestone reports to the academic supervisors to get comments on the thesis’s progress. Finally, students have the last 2 weeks to complete the Graduation Thesis and defend in front of a committee. Graduation Thesis assessment includes 3 components as follows: Academic supervisor assessment (20%), Internship unit assessment (10%) and Oral Defense Committee (not including the supervisor) assessment (70%). The evaluation criteria are clearly defined in respective rubrics and are guidelines for students to adjust their works to achieve the CLOs.

    Students will be supported to find and connect with the firm based on the network that the Faculty has been establishing with multiple companies and former students since 2010. The increasing participation of enterprises in the network of the Internship program to recruit potential interns has clearly shown the prestige and benefits that the Marketing Faculty brings to the community, providing valuable work experience for Marketing students in different industries. Particularly, the program not only brings the 4-month internship opportunity to students but also helps them have the possibility to work as an official staff at the company afterwards. 

    Msc Nguyễn Phương Thảo and Msc Nguyễn Minh Tâm attended internship evaluation workshop of FOM's student in Coach & Engine company 

    FOM's student at Coach & Engine company 


      In short, the Internship Program guarantees that: 

      - The internship position is relevant with the study major, which provides students practical experiences and also benefits the company as well. 

      - Students are allowed to continuously work full-time for 14 weeks. 

      - Students work under the supervision of a faculty lecturer and an instructor or mentor who is responsible to carry out on-going marketing activities at the company. 

      - Students may receive salary or allowances from the enterprise, depending on their working policy 

      Students participating in the Internship Program can: 

      - Experience a real working environment 

      - Have deep understanding about the selected position and industry 

      - Build up a career path and create personal career goals 

      - Get connected with many professionals in the real world 

      - Become an official employee at the internship company