Despite of weekend time, students of 41K12 are still on the path of searching for knowledge. In the afternoon of March 18, 2018 at Hall E, there was filled with voices because of the useful sharing from the guests who were alumni of Marketing Faculty.


At the beginning of the talkshow - the singing performance from student Dang Thanh Ha - Class 41K12.1 helped the atmosphere of the talkshow more comfortable. Moments later, Mr. Nguyen Phu Quoc - an alumnus of the class 35K12, is currently a Sale Manager of Unilever Vietnam International Co., Ltd. (the area of Quang Nam, Quang Binh, Da Nang) started with the sharing on traditional channel (GT). With the enthusiasm, easy-to-understand communication method, along with concrete examples of Unilever, Mr. Quoc helped the students to understand the four main marketing channels of GT, namely: Mom & Pop, Market Stall, Family Grocery, PT drug. In addition to the B2B distribution channel, he stated and explained concepts such as HORECA, Hair salon, Phamacy, etc. From his reality of management and work experience, Mr Quoc also introduced about distribution management system (DMS) and some key points to become an actual sale manager.

Guest Speaker is presenting 



About distribution, it is impossible not to mention Modern Trade (MT) - a modern sales channel focused on a big point with many diversified products, professional management and directly access to consumers like supermarket, convenience store, etc. In this part, Mr. Nguyen Huu Thien - Customer Operation Assistant Manager - Unilever Vietnam International Co., Ltd. introduced 10 channels that are used to approache to shoppers and consumers within modern trade . At the end of the presentation, he summarized on 3C (Consumer, Customer, Competitor) and 3S (Stock, Space, Service) and accordingly you need to understand each of them, know what their interests are and adapt that concern.

Finally, the humorous and interesting part of Mr. Bui Duc Chung. He has experienced many different positions on his career path. He is currently a Sale Manager of Samsung Viet Nam Company (the area from Thanh Hoa Province to Da Nang City). The whole hall was energized with his unexpected game before going into the analysis part of the differences of traditional distribution channels and modern distribution channels as well as the distribution models Samsung company is doing

Not only providing a lot of knowledge around the topic of Marketing Channel, but the talkshow is also a place for students to freely ask questions through Q&A part. Some tips on interview after graduation were also shared by 3 guests very closely and practically.

Networking activities between guest speakers and audience


Summary, talkshow "TALKSHOW: STORY OF MANAGING GENERAL TRADE AND MODERN TRADE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM" is the continuous investment of Marketing Faculty for the future Marketer generation. Dr. Ngo Thi Khue Thu, representative of Marketing Faculty Board - Head of Marketing Subject - Marketing Faculty - is also a main lecturer of Marketing Channel shared: “I really feel happy because after nearly a year of efforts to arrange and invite the guests, Marketing Faculty has organized such a very useful talkshow today. The guests are also the dynamic alumni of the faculty and now they are the people who continue to foster passion for their juniors. And I also hope that from learning environment and the precious things that lecturers and Marketing Faculty constantly strive to help you be well-prepared for knowledge, skills and good attitude when you come into life”.

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