UCAM short-term exchange program, Spain


In the framework of cooperation between the University of Economics and the UCAM (Catholic University of Murcia), Spain, Office of Research Management and International Affairs announced the short-term scholarship program.  Specific information is as follows:

1. Rights and duties of scholarship students:


· Being able to study at UCAM from 11/02/2019 to 21/06/2019;

· Living allowance of 720 EUR per month and round-trip tickets (up to 1100 EUR).


· Have to bear all arising expenses (if any);

· Complete at least 30 ECTs during the ex-change semester. The list of subjects will be announced when the student has been accepted.

· Complete regular tuition fees at the University of Economics and other fees as stipulated by the University for students participating in the exchange program;

· At the end of the exchange period, the student must return to the country and report to the school through the Office of Research Management and International Affairs. 

2. Time to receive scholarships: According to the actual study time of students at UCAM

3. Selection Criteria:

· A undergraduate student from the University of Economics - University of Da Nang.

· Be a 2nd - or - 3rd - year student at the time of application.

· Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0/4.0 and excellent training point.

· IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.

· Have good health.

4. Application profile:

· Curriculum vitae in English;

· 02 letters of recommendation in English;

· Motivation Letter in English;

· Application for Student Exchange Program (Template DUE-INTER-MOBIOUT01), download at: http://bit.ly/2FjxDq6 ;

· Academic transcript in English;

· Students' training points verified by the Faculty or Office of Student Affairs

· Verified copy of valid international English language certificate;

· Verified copy of social activities or Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union activities certificate (if any).

· Copy of passport.

5. Selection Process:

· Round 1: The selection committee of the University of Economics conducts pre-qualification.

· Round 2: The UCAM Selection Council will evaluate and make the final decision          

6. Deadline for submission of applications: 5:00PM, 03/12/2018

7. Receipt of applications:

The applicant's profile must be put in a particular profile bag with the size of 25 cm x 43 cm, the outer surface of the bag have to be filled with information (UCAM Scholarship Admission Test, Full Name, Date of birth, class, phone number, email, list of papers available) and submit directly to the Office of Research Management and International Affairs in office hours of working days (meet Prof. Tran Luong Kim Dung, Email address: dung.tlk@due.edu.vn, phone number: 0236-395-8635).


Applicants are also required to register online at the following website address (Applicants who do not register online will not be submitted):