After spending half a year on preparation, on the evening of December 5, 2022, the final performance of BRANDING CONTEST 2022 - PANDORA'S HOPE was successfully organized by the Faculty of Marketing, University of Economics - the University of Danang.

Branding Contest season 8 was expanded over the scale of the Brand Management course to continually become an attractive competition that draws the attention and companionship of many businesses. In 2022, as soon as the epidemic is gradually under control, the hope remaining in Pandora's box is finally revealed. Fantastic sounds and images together satisfied the audience and converged into the 18 rays of hope, bringing creative brand stories for a better world.

This is the first time that an academic event attracted that many brands. They are FM Style - Diamond Sponsor; The SHEA and AIDIN Robotics (Korea) - Gold Sponsor, who funded the entire cost of building a brand plan for the winner. They are Silver Sponsor - Thuan Nhi Company (TNC), famous for its Anchor restaurant system and Huy Academy, a perfect place for graphic designers. Accompanying sponsors such as Rong Tien Sa Education, TA Academy, Mi quang & Banh trang thit heo Que Xua, Jan Dance Studio and new-born Vivu Media had also made crucial contributions to the success of Pandora's Hope.

The Executive Board of the Faculty of Marketing gave campaign medals to Sponsors (From left: Dr. Dinh Thi Le Tram, Sponsor Que Xua, Sponsor TA Academy, Sponsor Thuan Nhii - Chérie, Sponsor FM Style, Dr. Ngo Thi Khue Thu, Sponsor Huy Academy, Sponsor Vivu Media)

Dr. Truong Thi Van Anh (left) - Head of Marketing Division, Art Director of Pandora’s Hope and Sponsor JanDance

The connection between theory and practice could not be strong without your support to the young Marketing generation in various ways, both by human resources and materials, with a total value up to 80 million VND. This was also a precious achievement for the efforts of lecturers of the Faculty from the original idea of ​​Assoc.Prof. Pham Thi Lan Huong on an academic show being organized. Following the previous seasons of Fashion Show and Branding Contest, Dr. Truong Thi Van Anh has been leading 18 teams with more than 150 final-year students. For the first time, brand stories were conveyed through the language of art, requiring both careful investment, strong knowledge of students as well as time and enthusiasm of the lecturers. “Respect, creativity and perfection-orientation” - The values ​​that the Faculty of Marketing has always pursued have fostered more hope in the Magical Box, for Rebirth and Sustainability.

MC Nguyen Hoang Ha and MC Bui Xuan Tan

Watching 3 chapters at PANDORA'S HOPE, the judges (Dr. Dinh Thi Le Tram - Vice Dean of Faculty of Marketing, Dr. Tran Trieu Khai, MBA. Chu My Giang, MBA. Van Cong Vu), the sponsors (Ms. Nguyen Thi To Quyen - FM Style, Mr. Do Viet Thanh - TNC, distributor of Chérie beer in Vietnam, Mr. Le Thanh Hoang - TA Academy) and hundreds of audiences both at the hall and through the livestream were so impressed. The next chapter was the performance of solving situations of the Top 10 groups for choosing the Top 2.

Branding Contest 2022 Judges (From left: Ms. Quyen, Mr. Thanh, Mr. Khai, Mr. Hoang, Mr. Vu, Ms. Giang, Mrs. Tram)

Finally, the golden ray of hope went to the ALMIGHTY brand - AIDIN Robotics - a safe intellectual solution provider. The silver ray of hope belonged to the DELICATE brand - Torino Bakery with original values ​​and the SENSITIVE brand guaranteed by the PROFESSIONAL council - Yaly Couture with the cultural harmony of East and West. The bronze ray of hope named the PROMOTION AMBASSADOR with the best strategy Buenas and the MOST FAVORITE brand - multi-colored Gum Tailor. It was also created by the five elements: Metal (IMPRESSIVE brand - HD Fitness), Wood (IDENTIFIED brand - Que Xua), Water (VOYEURISTIC brand - Chérie from Allora), Fire (EMOTIONAL brand - Hoi An craftsmanship), Earth (BEST POSITIONING brand - Cocoon). The calamity that came out of Pandora's box will also be resolved thanks to the rays of hope on the Eightfold Path - POTENTIAL agencies: Right View (Chérie from Stella), Right Thought (Walking Coffee), Right Speech (BQ), Right Action (Azzan), Right Cultivation (Panax Vietnamensis Kontum K5), Right Effort (Cloudy), Right Mindfulness (Chia Kandles), Right Concentration (DNG Bike).

Champion of the Branding Contest 2022 - ALMIGHTY brand - AIDIN Robotics

DELICATE brand - Torino Bakery

SENSITIVE brand - Yaly Couture

POTENTIAL agencies gathering

Branding Contest 2022 - PANDORA'S HOPE temporarily closed but opened up countless valuable connections and emotions. We have the right to hope for a new generation full of enthusiasm like students of the Faculty of Marketing. Besides, the Youth Union consistently plays a crucial role in smooth organizing of every event and the Communications Team is always a speaker for meaningful messages. We have the right to hope for a connection between university and life, where successful brands are willing to share their stories. Art is always necessary for branding, and it is right in each of us!