A joyful admission day of 48K Marketing DUE

A joyful admission day of 48K Marketing DUE

Joining the eager atmosphere of new 48K students on their first day at university, Faculty of Marketing is extremely excited and happy to meet and admit many new students.

The new students may be a little bit confused but overall they are radiant, which means that they are ready to walk into the new world with several interesting things ahead. You are now no longer students wearing white shirts and blue pants, but are more mature to spread your wings to chase your own dream.

Your effort along 12 years was finally well rewarded. With the familiar slogan "Inspire Enthusiasm - Ignite passion", Faculty of Marketing believes that with your continuous efforts, Faculty of Marketing and University of Economics - University of Danang will be an ideal environment for learning and training both knowledge and skill for your career ahead. We promise that the upcoming 4 years at university will be memorable and valuable for you.

Once again, Faculty of Marketing would like to greet you with best wishes. Hopefully we will achieve well-deserved success when studying at Faculty of Marketing.

Photos of admission day of Marketing students: Here