"Fashion Show & Branding", organized originally in 2015, is a practical program of the Brand Management course of the Faculty of Marketing - University of Economics. With the talent, creativity and quality of students and the orientation and support of lecturers from the Faculty of Marketing, the "Fashion Show & Branding" activity have been increasingly developing and attracting not only a great deal of students but also domestic businesses in Da Nang city. 

"Fashion Show & Branding" has become a creative and charismatic playground, helping students satisfy their burning passion for Marketing as well as learning and accumulating a lot of knowledge and experience; paving the way for many student start-ups in the future.

To mark the 5th year of this activity, the Fashion Show & Branding 2019 - `` El Cielo '' was built as an exciting journey, where the audiences act as the actual travelers. Marketing Airlines flight in which passengers will explore five continents around the world with different cultures. 12 collections appeared in the program representing 12 destinations in 12 countries with distinctive features, causing more than 400 spectators in the auditorium of the University of Economics - Da Nang University to really explode.


More specifically, all 100 tickets sold from this program will contribute to the upcoming 2019 Winter School's Volunteer Campaign. This is a very meaningful volunteer activity organized by the Union of Marketing Associations every year to join hands to contribute to the community.

After more than 3 hours, Fashion Show & Branding 2019 "El Cielo" has found the owner of the highest awards including:
- Winner of Fashion Show 2019 EL CIELO - GROUP H’BIA
- Runner-up of Fashion Show 2019 - PATRIC GROUP
- Third prize - Group FLORA & DEL SOLE
- The most unique collection - GROUP N.EO
- The most beautiful lookbook - GROUP BLOSSOM
- The most impressive performance - MON2FLY GROUP
- Best media collection - GROUP INSERT MY NAME