Authors: Assoc. Dr. Le The Gioi, MA. Truong Hong Trinh, MA. Dang Cong Tuan, MA. Nguyen Thi Da, MA. Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy.

Published: 4/2011

Publisher: Social labor

Pages: 432 pages - size: 16x24 cm

Microeconomics textbook is the material used in teaching and learning for first-year students of the economic sector. The document is designed to provide readers with basic economic rules and principles, and approach an economist's analytical thinking on economic events through models. Topics include: supply and demand analysis; theory of choice consumption, production and cost theory, analysis of business decision-making behavior in the market structure; analysis of public policies on issues such as taxes, international trade, externalizes and public goods.

Economists often approach issues in the economy through supply and demand analysis: by thinking about buyers and sellers as the forces that make up the market; goals and constraints to develop models; describing conditions for market equilibrium; and solutions to determine balance and market equilibrium changes when there is a government impact on the market. With this approach, readers can easily understand the operation and interaction of market constituent forces, price mechanisms and ways of allocating resources to different market characteristics.

Table of content:

Chapter 1: Overview of microeconomics

Chapter 2: Supply and demand and market prices

Chapter 3: Elasticity of supply and demand

Chapter 4: Consumer choice theory

Chapter 5: Production theory - cost

Chapter 6: Perfect competition

Chapter 7: Imperfect competition

Chapter 8: Supply and demand of resources market

Chapter 9: Externalities and public goods