Established in 1992, The Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics, The University of Danang, is one of the pioneers in training and researching in the field of business administration around the country. In 2017, marked and recorded 25-year building, striving, growing and developing, DBA community welcomed and celebrated The 25th Anniversary of The Faculty of Business Administration.


These days, DBA’s spirit continued to be elevated along with events commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration. The students and alumni were heading to the Faculty with all their faith and abundant love. And that spirit was flared up in one of the most meaningful events – Traditional Camp “DBA’s Magnanimity” on October 14th and 15th 2017.


Possibly for students, the camp was one of the most exciting activities, the most unforgettable memories of students and the most beautiful days of life. The Traditional Camp DBA’s Magnanimity has left a wonderful impression on DBA’s students.


DBA’s Magnanimity Camp was held on the occasion when all students, former students and lecturers of the Faculty commemorated the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration.


It was such an impressed colorful program of DBA’s students spirit. There was a wide range of meaningful activities taking place during the camp:

-     Dancing and recording activities showcase classes before and during the camp.

-      Activities for developing business skills: teamwork, creation, self-exploring, entrepreneurial spirit, career passion.

-       Camp night performances.

-       Traditional camp-fire.


The camp has left unforgettable impression and beautiful, lively, really DBA images for all campers and people who witnessed. During the camp, campers have shown all the qualities of DBA’s students – active, creative, enthusiastic, passionate. Let’s take a look at these impressive images.

Each class has their own tent style.

A jolly group activity – start the camp night program.

All the campers are excited about the camp night performances

Many performances from students of the Faculty’s classes

All campers are ready for a game

The spirit is always high.

Camp-fire – one of the most exciting activities

DBA’s flame

The DBA’s Magnanimity Camp has been a success. Thank you to the University, Youth Onion, Student Support Center and Business relationship, members of the organizing committee, campers, lecturers, security team, technical team, sponsors, students, former students, and all who have contributed to the success of the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration Camp.

Please continue to look forward to the events of the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration.

- Accelerate and Finish the DBA Startup Intern 2017, final on the night of October 28th 2017.

- Scientific Conference COMB 2017, scheduled on November 11th 2017.

- The 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration Ceremony on November 11th 2017 at University of Economics – The University of Danang.


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