Established in 1992, The Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics, The University of Danang, is one of the pioneers in training and researching in the field of business administration around the country. In 2017, marked and recorded 25-year building, striving, growing and developing, DBA community excitedly welcomed and celebrated The 25th Anniversary of The Faculty of Business Administration.

These days, DBA’s spirit continued to be elevated along with events commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration. The students and alumni were heading to the Faculty with all their faith and abundant love. And that spirit was flared up in one of the most meaningful events – Entrepreneur Night on October 1st 2017 which took place at Tien Sa Lodge Hotel, Danang.

Entrepreneur Night was a chance for businessmen, former students and teachers in the Faculty of Business Administration, who have love and passion, who are learning and interested in business to meet, exchange, learn, share their experiences to add new motivation and energy to the Faculty’s development and business community in the next stage. This Anniversary was also a chance to celebrate the Entrepreneur Day on October 13th and was one of the events in the chain of activities of the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration.                                                                                   

It was impressed by the meaningful program with rich and special contents and imprinted all the intimate moments between teachers and students.

 Let’s take a look at these beautiful pictures and unforgettable memories of the Entrepreneur Night.


Prof.PhD., Head of the Faculty of Business Administration Nguyen Truong Son is having a welcome speech.


Prof.PhD. Le The Gioi, The Founder and The First Head of The Faculty and Mr.Cao Tri Dung, The former student, The class of ’90 – the first class of the Faculty is witnessing the opening.

A picture of teachers and students in the Entrepreneur Night

Start-up Introduction Program.

Entrepreneur Night was a great opportunity for the Faculty’s students. The six most successful start-up projects of the Faculty’s students in the start-up program named DBA Startup Intern 2017 were introduced as one of the most noticeable and impressed contents of the program. The project teams received a lot of advice, praise, recognition of the community and were invested right at the introduction.

Introducing the start-up project of students

For students of start-up groups, Business Night  has left them with unforgettable impressions and above all that affection and attention and encouragement of teachers and siblings. As thuy Trang, a member of IRON team of LOCAL FRIENDS start-up project, has confessed:

Thùy Trang
 has shared her first writing.

New Member · October 2nd at 11:46

<3 On behalf of the
#IRON with the #LOCALFRIENDS project, I am thankful to the organizers for hosting a very meaningful appealing for funds meeting, this is an extremely useful program for beginning students to participate in path of starting a business.

<3 And I’m also thankful to all businessmen who are former students of the Faculty of Business Administration for attending the Business Night and giving moral supports to students who are learning at university like us. 
<3 Finally, I’m deeply thankful to Prof.Nguyen Truong Son, Ms.Dao Nguyen Dieu Lan and Mr.Quang Dong for trusting and supporting our project, this is the motivation and the fire to help IRON team on the way to complete and develop our project. We – IRON team will try our best to achieve the expectation that teachers and all of you giving to our team.

#LOCAL #FRIENDS is a project connecting students and tourists:
- Bring a professional English training for students.

- The experience of tourists becomes more meaningful with the native.

💥 In addition to the efforts of Team managementt, we are still in need of the supports of Angel Investors to complete the project and improve it! 
👉 IRON Project Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJSMxdPwgRw
👉 Details: dbastartupintern.com
Thank you!
Nguyễn Bích Phương Hà Văn Quốc Tín Nguyễn Thị Mai Hà


Exchange tennis Awards


This night was also an occasion for organizing a friendly tennis match on the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty taking place on September 30th and October 1st, 2017. The semi-finals and finals took place on the same day of the Business night on October 1st, 2017.

Prof.PhD. Nguyen Truong Son, Head of the Faculty, is awarding The Gold Cup to the champions.

Head of the Faculty, Prof.Nguyen Truong Son and Former student Lan Dao are excited about the Gold CUP.

Not forget to show abilities

All the DBA’s former students not only dare to dash into business market but also are well-known with an active spirit, and like students usually say “play with all your heart”


DBA’s former male students are showing their ability in the “Hóa đá” performance.

Former student Ho Thanh Quoc from the class K27 is showing his bandmaster skill.

 Confiding and sharing startup experience.

The Business Night became more special when all students and teachers recollected the memories of their mentors, colleagues, partners, and shared business experiences to connect and develop together in the future.

The Faculty of Business Administration – Danang University of Economics added 19 pictures.

4 hours · Da Nang · 


The business’s flame has been lit up and pervaded among all generations in the “Business Night” taking place on October 1st at Tien Sa Lodge Hotel on the occasion of Vietnam Business Day on October 13th. This is also a significant event for the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration.

The Business Night is a chance to meet and connect all DBA’s members, all former students working in the field of business, all business learners and lovers. All of them have gathered here on a very special night of friendship, colleagues, a vehement inspiration and passion.

“Passion and Creativity”, that spirit is the theme throughout the October 1st night. It gets started with the start-up fund introduction, the “DBA Community- DBA Alumni” website and ends with a lot of start-up ideas of students from the Startup Intern competition.

The Business Night has been over but all the memories and happiness still remain in the minds of each person...

Let’s contemplate all the moments to remember, love and share together!”


The shared lines speak the words that the writer wants to send to readers.


Please continue to look forward to the events of the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration.

- Accelerate and Finish the DBA Startup Intern 2017, final on the night of October 28th 2017.

- The Traditional Camps DBA 2017- Burning with forever passionate and creative flames on October 14th and 15th 2017 at University of Economics – The University of Danang.

- Scientific Conference COMB 2017, scheduled on November 11th 2017.

- The 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration Ceremony on November 11th 2017 at University of Economics – The University of Danang.

- And many special and attractive activities.


Nguyen Quoc Tuan

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