The final round of SAFE ROAD FOR LIFE 2018


After almost three months of competition, six excellent teams won tickets to the final of Safe Roads for Life Challenge 2018. The contest was held at 8:30 am on November 30th, 2018 at Hall E, University of Economics, The University of Da Nang, attracting the attention of guests inside and outside the school, contest teams and over 200 supporters who are Marketing students. 

Hall E 


This is a competition within the framework of the module of Digital Marketing and Marketing Communications, taught by Marketing Department. Safe Roads for Life Challenge 2018 is not only a competition to find the winner but also a playing-field for marketing students to test themselves, apply academic knowledge to creativity and express themselves through unique, innovative and meaningful media ideas. Moreover, the competition is also a place for each participant to express their awareness and responsibility for the community and contribute to build more humane and civilized environment. 

Especially, Safe Roads for Life Challenge 2018 greatly greeted guest representatives, companion partner from the international organization AIP (aip-foundation.org) Mrs. Dinh Kim Phuong - National Project Manager, Asian Injury Prevention Foundation in Vietnam. As a companion partner in media contest, AIP representatives play the roles as both client and judge of the contest, evaluating and selecting excellent media ideas which are in accordance with the practical requirements of the organization. 

Ms Dinh Kim Phuong ( left) - Representative of AIP 

After more than 4 hours of competition, the teams were very successful in presenting the ideas and media plans they had built with the media case analysis skills, the ability to understand the target audiences in identifying insight and building Big Idea, then, apply creativity to create unique, impressive and relevant media plans to solve the practical communication issues of our customers. 

The final results of Safe Roads for Life Challenge 2018:

   +. THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST: Team VIBESZ with Campaign "Ctrl Z"

   + THE SECOND PLACE: Team LUX with Campaign “Dream Killers”

   + THE THIRD PLACE: Team 20PLUS with Campaign “Vietnam Next Roads Model”

  + THE CONSOLATION PLACE: Team UP, team VI-UP with Campaign “I Say No”; team UNICORN with Campaign “The Silly Fears”

Team VIBESZ- The winner 

 Team LUX- The second place 

Safe Roads for Life Challenge 2028 was successful thanks to:

+Firstly, the companion of AIP organization.

+Secondly, the effort of the teams in the last three months.

+Thirdly, the attention and presence of the precious guests.

+Last but not least, the encouragement, support from all audiences.