Fashion Show 2018 - the annual fashion banquet of the Faculty of Marketing of the Danang University of Economics - University of Danang in general and the module of Brand Management in particular. Over 4 seasons, the program is developed increasingly and more professional. The fifth year is proceeded as an affirmation for continuous development.


Fashion show 2018 – Le Festin 



In the evening of November 28th, 2018 (Yesterday), at Hall A – Danang University of Economics, Fashion Show - LE FESTIN took place extremely monumentally with the participation of special guests, the investors in Da Nang city as well as teachers and students. This is a reality program for Marketing students to create a new environment with new experiences to act like real brand managers.


Let's take a look 12 brands with 12 styles with different personalities.

1. Fécia – Fashion Show 2018



FÉCIA" is an abbreviation of  Feminie and Cinderella. With an implication of being soft and sweet like the princess came out from fairy and known as the unique fashion brand in Vietnam market, Fécia will bring a completely new style with evening dresses that glow in the dark. Fécia makes every girl stand out and become the center of every dress.  Each dress is designed on the basis of basic evening dresses but the glowing part is decisive, combining other luxurious jewelry accessories. This make each collection a different bright star with unmistakable elegance and elegance.



2. Avenir – Fashion Show 2018


“Avenir - means the future in French. With the aim to accompany with customers not only in the present but also in the future. Less is more is a general inspiration that Avenir wants to convey to customers through their brands. Besides, Avenir is also inspire the customers with the green lifestyle. In other words, when you buy Avenir products, you are an Avenir environmental ambassador by creating Avenir products to help protect the environment and preserve nature for your future and your community.

3. Rosario Fashion

Rosario - Fashion show 2018

Rosario - Vampire collection 

Rosario Fashion is a fashion brand for young people with strong personalities. Rosario is based on the Vampire style  to bring young people closer to their egos and to those who share the same unique & strange fashion gout. Rosario invests in every outfit, accessories, and make up to make it clear that the personality of each individual is still close and familiar with daily life.

4. Risqué – Fashion Show 2018


Risqué is a fashion brand born to honor the multi-dimensional beauty of 21st century girls who are full of talent  and magic. Risqué is inspired by the chameleon to turn into their costumes. Talking about chameleon,  we will think about the unpredictable change and the costumes of Risqué are also like that, you can quickly change the outfit that you’re wearing into  other designs with simple manipulations to change the design points that are subtly sewn on the outfit.


CHICOVA with Unisex fashion collection combines traditional classical patterns. With the message "ANSWER THE CALL OF YOUNG GENERATION". CHICOVA not only wants to "speak out" with unique fashion lovers but also bring meaningful CULTURAL messages through each design patterns. 

When wearing CHICOVA clothes, young people will express the most charismatic look but still keep their own character. "Confidence, temperament, daring to express" are the elements that make  a charismatic CHICOVA, the perfect choice for young people who love TRADITIONAL style but still want to get rid of the new and cool outfits

6. Cio Fashion


CiO - Daring, delicate torn jean fashion. Not a fancy outfit for big and small events, CiO accompanies you when you are hanging out. What is more wonderful than a torn Jean, but also sophisticated, that will help you be more confident, active, healthy and radiant in your friends' meetings.

7. HER – Thời Trang Swimwear


Inspired by the nature and the tropical sea, the collection JUST THE WAY YOU ARE promises to bring new, energetic, youthful breath to swimwear fashion to hide the lacuna. Believing that when the girls wear unique designs, this concealment will confidently shine as yourself.

8. Bello – Tự Tin Nuôi Dưỡng Vẻ Đẹp

Anyone who buys BELLO costumes not just to cover the shortcoming of overweight body. They are buying confidence for themselves. BELLO clothing is a full product. Brand name, design, quality, packaging, outstanding features are carefully combined to convey the core customer value which is the "confidence". When buying BELLO products, the business gives the customers the assurance of product quality, information on how to pay back, provides a hotline with the website so that they can  communicate easily when there is a problem or questions. 

9. The Fire Hiphop Fashion

The Fire Hiphop fashion is a hiphop fashion brand founded by a group of dynamic and enthusiastic young people from the Marketing Department, Danang University of Economics, Danang University and especially has a passion for Hip hop fashion. . THE FIRE launched a unique hiphop collection. It is a special combination of designs, colors, and materials that suitable for the new fashion breath of young people today. Let's look forward to the breakthrough THE FIRE bringing to the fashion world. 

10. ALIEN – Fashion Show 2018

ALIEN is an UNIQUE FASHION brand based on the "alien" image with the desire to bring a whole-hearted lifestyle, encourage an ideal of living for yourself, through a variety of colorful fashion products, show the differences and modernity. Even if you go against the crowd, or you are thought to be unusual, just be confident with ALIEN by "I'M NOT WEIRD, YOU’RE SIMPLE!"

11. Du Jour Fashion



Du Jour, fashion that ladies and gentlemen wear is like a story, a personal personality that they want to tell you. The clothes that they choose don’t need to be too fussy to show sophistication. The clothes that they choose don't need to be too colorful to show that they stood out in the crowd for a moment.

And they don't need to struggle with the modern-day spin, no need to follow any trend to shine with the trend. Because from their insides, they are themselves, still has the inherent charm, sophistication and intelligence, nothing can be extinguished!




BOMBS VINTAGE was born as a paradise owning Vintage costumes & accessories with a strong traditional Vietnamese breath in Danang city. Selected patterns of shirts, pants, skirts, shoes, belts, handbags are both convenient but not less than the "cool". 

Vintage Bombs products bring customers not only clothing but also style, which is an indispensable ego with a wonderful fashion experience at the store's nostalgic space. The particular designs are highly applicable but constantly remake the overall style with the exquisite combination with traiditional Vietnamese accessories.




For more information : https://photos.app.goo.gl/aTiCgaFLi3xsHBRx6