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          The Faculty of Political Science (LLCT) of the University of Economics - a school with a long tradition, leading training quality in the Central region in the field of economics and business administration, is steadily rising to the regional level. .
    Faculty of LLCT undertakes to teach political science subjects for member schools of the University of Danang, training in State Management (State Management) with 2 majors: Political Economy (KTCT) and Administration. public (HCC) at the university level; training in Philosophy at the graduate level.
    The Faculty will conduct quality accreditation in 2 majors (KTCT and HCC in 2023) and then will open graduate training in state management. This is an opportunity for Faculty's students to move on to higher education.
    The Faculty's training philosophy is ethnic, scientific, creative and humanistic. Faculty's students are trained in all aspects from creative thinking methods to extensive professional knowledge, soft skills, and self-study ability. After graduating, you will have many job opportunities and continue to study further to become lecturers, managers, experts in the field of state management at a professional level, meeting the requirements of the period. Fourth Revolution. During your time studying at this school, you will be able to study, research, and participate in activities with faculty of the Faculty who have extensive experience in research, teaching, solid knowledge combined with with a team of young and dynamic teachers. The teachers are not only teachers and aunts in the classroom, but are also ready to be companions and guides and support students during the learning and training process. Many students of KTCT - HCC have graduated with PhDs, and many hold important positions in state agencies and enterprises. This is a testament to the quality and position of the profession that you have chosen.
    I would like to thank the teachers/teachers who work hard day and night to improve the quality of the lectures; thank the school leadership; faculties, departments and centers have supported and accompanied the Faculty of Political Science; Thank you for choosing the Faculty of Political Science as a place to study, research and work.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sincerely thank you!

        Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ngo Van Ha