DUE Open Day 2023: A Vibrant Start to Becoming Freshmen!


On the morning of September 7th, the campus of the University of Economics, Da Nang University, was filled with excitement and jubilation from the 49K freshmen as they embarked on their first day as students of Economics. Here, parents and freshmen received dedicated support to complete paperwork, verify and submit documents, all while receiving guidance for their initial health check-ups. Additionally, the new students and their families had the opportunity to explore the physical facilities and campus grounds of the University of Economics, marking the beginning of a bright and youthful journey here.

New students receive maximum support in admission

Prior to this, the university organized online enrollment at nhaphoc.due.udn.vn. By utilizing this software, new students could easily provide personal information, access enrollment records, select their majors, and make fee payments through the online banking system. This represents a significant step forward in streamlining the enrollment process for new students, reducing the time required and minimizing difficulties compared to traditional enrollment procedures. Furthermore, the university has paid special attention to the accommodation needs of new students. Information about housing options for new students is available through the app at https://thealab.due.vn/, aiming to provide the quickest and most convenient support for finding necessary accommodations. This helps new students settle into their lodgings more swiftly, reducing time, effort, and associated costs.

New students explored various clubs, teams, and groups

Save beautiful moments with family

Speaking about the twin sisters, Dinh Song Nhu Quynh (majoring in Business Administration) and Dinh Song Quynh Nhu (majoring in Auditing), their father, Dinh Van Thu, from Da Nang, expressed his pride: "It's an honor for our family that both of my daughters have been admitted to top programs at the University of Economics, Da Nang University. Our family trusts that both of them will continue to excel in their studies and efforts during their university life at DUE."

Mr. Dinh Van Thu is proud of his two talented daughters

Health check-up for new students immediately after enrollment

The Freshmen Integration Day - DUE OPEN DAY was a resounding success. We wish the 49K freshmen a memorable and impressive first experience and readiness for the exciting journey ahead!!!

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