The VIII Student Congress, Term 2023 - 2026: Affirming the Pioneering Role and Unleashing the Innovative Potential of DUE's Youth


On the morning of August 20th, the Student Union of the University of Economics - University of Da Nang (DUE) solemnly organized the VIII Student Congress of Vietnam, Term 2023 - 2026. The congress saw the participation of 250 delegates representing 13,000 members of the University's Student Union. Among the invited guests from the Da Nang City Youth Union were Comrade Le Cong Hung, Deputy Secretary of the City Youth Union, Chairman of the Vietnam Student Union of Da Nang City; Comrade Dinh Ngoc Lam Dien, Deputy Chairman of the Vietnam Student Union of Da Nang City, Head of the Youth Union's Movement Department. From the DUE Student Union, there was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Le Hung Toan, Chairman of the Vietnam Student Union - University of Economics. The university's leadership was represented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Van Huy, Deputy Rector of the University, and leaders from various university departments, offices, and centers.

With enthusiasm and unity, the Student Union overcame many challenges and difficulties together. They also established numerous meaningful activities for the youth. During the 2021 - 2023 term, they conducted various forms of propaganda for the "Five-Good Students" movement, including using social media posts, designing propaganda posters, and announcements for clubs and teams. They also promoted these messages during significant university events like anniversaries and civic engagement weeks. In the past term, two students received the "Five-Good Student" title at the national level, two received the "January Star" award, 57 students received the "Five-Good Student" title at the city level, 167 students at the University of Da Nang level and 640 students received the title at the university level. Political and ideological education was particularly emphasized, focusing on practical methods. Classes that studied the Party's resolutions and resolutions of the Youth Union and Student Union were effectively organized, with active participation from the youth. The process of implementing the program to cultivate ethical and aesthetic qualities in students yielded positive results in terms of ethics, conduct, and value orientation.

At the University of Economics, Student Union members were provided opportunities to engage in a learning, creative, and scientific research environment through numerous nationally renowned programs. Notable among these is the Startup Runway entrepreneurship competition, designed for young entrepreneurs in the Central Highlands. Here, students presented innovative perspectives and creative problem-solving approaches for entrepreneurial ideas and competition topics, leading to engaging debates among participating teams and judges. Additionally, several practical programs bearing the Union's signature were held, including the Book Reading Day - “Turning Pages, Fulfilling Dreams”, the talk show “Book Stars in the Tech Planet”, the Book Cover Design Competition “New Color of Books”, the "Journey to Entrepreneurship" competition, the "Path to Economics Summit" competition, the "Creative Ideas - Elevating Your Image 3" competition, the "Color of Memories - DESINEMA" competition, the "Better Version" workshop series, the "Presentation and Debate Skills" talk show, and the "Design Your Face" competition, among others. Furthermore, students from the university also achieved high honors in entrepreneurship and academic competitions organized by higher-level organizations. Through academic competition and research movements, students' seriousness, responsibility, and dedication to their studies were heightened, making a significant contribution to improving the quality of education within the university.

Physical fitness training for students was also an area of focus for the Student Union, with the establishment of two new clubs, the DUE Volleyball Club and the Aesthetics Club, to promote physical fitness and cultural aesthetics within the university and cater to the increasingly diverse needs of students. Sports movements such as the "DUE LEAGUE" football tournament, the "DUE Racing" Healthy Student Day, and sports competitions organized by higher-level organizations like the 2023 Olympic Run for National Health and the GREENRACE 2022 attracted enthusiastic participation from the youth.

Community volunteer activities were a highlight of the Student Union's work during the 2021 - 2023 term. The volunteer movement saw increasing participation from students, contributing to political and ideological education through activities such as the annual summer volunteer campaign, the "Winter-Spring Volunteer" campaign, the "Flight 71" project, Mid-Autumn volunteering, charity fundraising road trips, night sky wishes, "Green Sunday," voluntary blood donation drives, and "Red Sunday" programs.

To support students in their international integration efforts, the Student Union regularly disseminated information and raised awareness among students about the importance of technology, computer skills, and foreign languages. The "I LOVE ENGLISH" competition, organized by the SEE CLUB, provided a platform for students in the city to practice, exchange ideas, and learn English. The C-RES Club organized two cultural exchange programs, "Vietnamese - Lao Cultural Day," featuring various cultural displays, traditional games, and performances showcasing the cultural characteristics of Vietnam and Laos. Clubs, teams, and groups under the Union also actively participated in various events and activities to connect and exchange with youth across the country and internationally.

Building upon the achievements of the 2021 - 2023 term, the Student Union sets its goals for the upcoming term to cultivate a new generation of Vietnamese students who are idealistic, politically steadfast, morally upright, culturally aware, physically fit, innovative, and committed to volunteering and international integration. The youth of the University of Economics will continue to embody the characteristics of the university's students in this new context: resilience, responsibility, leadership, and innovation. The Vietnam Student Union of the University of Economics aspires to be a strong, resilient, pioneering, innovative, and creative collective. The action slogan for the upcoming term, as proposed by the Congress, is "DUE Students: Resilient, Responsible, Pioneering, Innovative."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Xuan Quynh presented the work direction for the Union and student movements for the 2023 - 2026 term

In his speech, Dr. Do Le Hung Toan, on behalf of the Congress, called on the VIII Executive Board of the University of Economics Student Union to continue fostering the spirit of innovation and creativity, working together to build a generation of students with strong political consciousness, morals, cultural lifestyles, good physical health, proactive creativity, volunteerism, and integration. Each Student Union member will be an exemplary role model, playing a pivotal role in youth movements, thus creating a positive influence on younger generations and society as a whole.

Dr. Do Le Hung Toan presented at the congress

Commendation of achievements in the term 2021-2023, Assoc. Prof. Le Van Huy commended the achievements of the Student Union and student movements, stating that they have contributed to the university's development strategy to become a leading center for education and research in the country and the region. In the context of globalization and digital transformation, the University's leadership expects the Student Union to continue leading DUE's youth in their studies, research, and contribution to the high-quality young workforce for the nation. The VIII Executive Board is determined to achieve even more remarkable achievements during the 2023 - 2026 term.

Assoc. Prof. Le Van Huy hopes that the Student Association will continue to promote its pioneering role in the Association's work and the student movement

In the past term, Student Union members worked together in unity, striving to achieve many accomplishments in Student Union and student movements, contributing to the successful implementation of the resolutions of the 2021 - 2023 Student Union Congress. On this occasion, to acknowledge the contributions of individuals and groups to the overall achievements of the Student Union and student movements, the Da Nang City Student Union, the University of Da Nang Student Union, the Rector of the University of Economics, the Standing Committee of the University's Student Union, and the Student Union of the University of Economics have decided to award Certificates of Merit to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements in Student Union and student movement activities.

The report summarizes comments contributed to the Congress documents

Rewarding individuals and groups with outstanding achievements in Association work and student movements for the 2021 - 2023 term

The Congress unified and elected the Executive Board; Secretary, Chairman, and Vice-Chairmen of the University of Economics Student Union for the 2023 - 2026 term. The VIII Executive Board introduced itself to Congress and affirmed its determination to fulfill all tasks assigned in the new term. The Congress concluded successfully at 11:30 AM on the same day.

The VIII Executive Committee launched the Congress

Thanks to the comrades who did not continue to join the VIII Executive Committee

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