Thanh Nien newspaper: 'Red seed' in the lecture hall


The elite students who are admitted to the Party outside the 'front', when the volunteering campaign was going on, further forged the will of young people to be impulsive...

Holding the decision to join the Party in her hand, Ngo Nguyen Thanh Phuc, a 4th-year student majoring in Political Economy, Faculty of Political Theory, the University of Economics - the University of Danang, said that since Phuc was a high school student, she has had a sense of training and striving.

Therefore, as soon as she entered the university lecture hall, Phuc set herself a goal to study well, participate in all movements of the Youth Union and join the Party while still a student. “The moment of taking the oath is a sacred and unforgettable memory of the student's life. Being in the ranks of the Party at a young age, I find myself more aware of my responsibilities," Phuc said.

Ngo Nguyen Thanh Phuc is one of eight young party members who have just been admitted during a green summer volunteer trip in Tien Ha commune (Tien Phuoc, Quang Nam) at the end of July. The event was organized by the Party Committee of the University of Economics - the University of Danang, the Student Branch, and the Union of the university organized. They are excellent students of 44K and 45K. The common point of all these 8 students is that they possess excellent academic records, and take the lead in implementing movements, especially the Youth Union movement…

Students taking the oath at the party member admission ceremony

Sacred memory

Enrolling a party member in a meaningful green summer volunteer campaign is also an important milestone in the life of 22-year-old student Mai Pham Khanh Vy, Faculty of Banking - the University of Economics. “The admission ceremony held at the place where the volunteer campaign Green Summer 2022 is taking place filled me with joy and happiness. I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to the people who have helped me become a better version of who I was yesterday. Today's indescribable emotions will be the motivation for us to continue to write a page full of enthusiasm", Khanh Vy touched.

In the past time, the University of Economics - the University of Da Nang has been evaluated as a unit that does well in traditional education and revolutionary ideals for students. The school's management board has directed faculties and departments to organize seminars, offer effective teaching methods, organize competitions, or reward students with good grades. The university union also diversified and synchronously organized activities to create a training environment from classes and departments to the whole school, such as the movement "Excellent students, excellent union members", "Good students in 5 traits", “Exam season relay”, etc.

Giving party membership cards to outstanding students during the enrollment period in July 2022,

Dr. Bui Trung Hiep, Secretary of Student Branch, Deputy Head of Student Affairs Department, University of Economics - the University of Danang said that for many years, the work of discovering, fostering, and creating sources for Party development has always been paid special attention by the Party Committee of the University of Economics, with specific and practical activities. As soon as students enter the university, the school management board organizes a meeting with new students and introduces the school and the regulations for students, including the regulations on admitting new Party members and transferring the official Party to the reserve members, procedures for transferring Party activities to the school's Party Committee with students who have been admitted from high schools…

“Nearly 90% of newly admitted party members come from elite Youth Union members. This is a positive sign, showing that many students have the ability, political bravery, early revolutionary enlightenment, and a sense of striving for the Party's goals and ideals," shared Dr. Bui Trung Hiep.

According to statistics of the University of Economics - the University of Danang, from 2020 to June 2022, the school's Party Committee has admitted 50 new party members; with official party transfer for 62 cases.

The school delegation also introduced dozens of elite union members to take a class on fostering Party awareness. Every year, the school strives to have 10% or more students admitted to the Party and sent to attend a class to foster Party awareness. For many years in a row, the University of Economics - the University of Danang has achieved and exceeded the assigned Party development targets.

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Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper