Policy goals:

    • Ensure that all units and individuals of the University of Economics, the University of Danang (DUE) are properly aware, responsible and ready to implement the University's quality assurance policy.
    • Build a suitable DUE quality assurance system that is operated, monitored and continuously improved to achieve the highest efficiency.

    Policy content:

    • All DUE activities are oriented and implemented to implement the Vision - Mission - Core Values - Educational Philosophy that DUE has announced.
    • DUE is committed to ensuring the quality of learner outcomes and the services that DUE provides to society while increasing stakeholder satisfaction with the University's activities.
    • DUE applies the PDCA cycle (P: Plan – D: Do – C: Check – A: Act) in all activities to continuously improve and enhance the operational quality and efficiency.

    Responsibility for policy implementation:

    • Rector: Directs the implementation of DUE's educational quality policy, ensures all relevant units and individuals thoroughly understand the policy, and reports to the University Council on implementation outcomes.
    • Department of Educational Testing and Quality Assurance: Advises, assists and reports to the Rector in the implementation of quality assurance policy. In charge of planning, guiding, implementing and supervising the units within the University to carry out tasks to meet the QA requirements.
    • Units within the Univerity: Based on their functions and tasks, strictly implement the policy content in terms of reifying the policy into operational plans, organizing the effective implementation of the plan, and regularly reviewing and improving operations in the area of responsibility.

    Policy update:

    • Quality policy will be evaluated for effectiveness before December 2025.
    • Updates to the policy will be based on implementation results, comments and criticism from units within the University and relevant parties.