We believe that higher education plays a pivotal role in “the creation of our future society.” As a University, we utilize a liberal education philosophy that focuses on the betterment of humanity, scientific spirit, and the fostering of lifelong learners, who work towards building a progressive and prosperous society.

    The three pillars of our educational mission are:

    Liberal Arts - Self-initiative - Pragmatism

    • Liberal Arts Education: We believe that our educational mission allows for a transformative experience that allows individuals to engage in self-discovery through the transference of ideas and knowledge that lead to social action. This concept helps students become active participants in the building of a better world. Higher education as a whole plays a significant role in the facilitation of conditions, that steer individuals towards the development of themselves and their values, which ultimately builds their capabilities to contribute towards social progress.
    • Self-initiative Education: At the core of higher-education lies a need for the creation of self-discipline. Our educational philosophy seeks to motivate students to take self-initiative in training themselves, bettering themselves and engaging in the act of self-reflection.
    • Pragmatism: We have determined that the accumulation of knowledge and creativity in higher education must be of practical value and of service to social progress. Thus our education focuses on the implementation of pragmatism and ethics in research, training and development cooperation.


University of Economics-The University of Danang

71 Ngu Hanh Son, Danang City