Lecturer Nguyen Thi Uyen Nhi - an excellent young author in the field of information technology


Having won the Excellent Young Author Award in the field of Information Technology granted by the 12th National Scientific Conference (FAIR'2019) in 2019, now, Dr. Nguyen Thi Uyen Nhi - Lecturer in Management Informatics, Faculty of Statistics - Informatics, University of Economics, University of Danang, continues her teaching career and is passionate about researching future information technology applications.

From Ho Chi Minh City moved to DUE for more than 3 years, teacher Nhi is very proud and loves the working environment here. "If I talk briefly about DUE, I think of friendliness, professionalism and consensus", Ms. Nhi confided. The school creates very good conditions for lecturers in teaching as well as scientific research. The school gives high priority to improving teaching skills for lecturers such as organizing training courses for lecturers such as renewing USAID-COMET teaching methods, guidelines on international publication, using software or library with a lot of digital materials for teaching and scientific research. In particular, I also find the school's remuneration system quite good, promptly recognizing and rewarding the achievements and contributions of cadres and lecturers. This has helped each member of the school have a spirit of attachment and dedication in a common DUE community.

“There are many colleagues that make me really respect and learn a lot because of their understanding, dedication and concern for others. There are also colleagues whom I love very much because of their enthusiasm, full of energy, youthfulness and excellent job completion. In general, I am very grateful to be an individual in such an enthusiastic group," said Nhi.

When she returned to DUE to work, Ms. Nhi was assigned to lead a class of management information systems (MIS), and Ms. Nhi felt very new and happy with that experience. The students of DUE in general and MIS in particular are very enthusiastic, affectionate and attached. In class, Nhi teaches very seriously and even she finds herself quite strict, but outside of class time, Nhi is very attached to students, like to listen to thoughts and aspirations of them, like to be a listener so that Nhi can share or give students advice and direction from time to time. At first, there were a few students in my class who went astray, or some were distracted and didn't like to study, but perhaps the attachment made it easy for me to share with students and perhaps they also understood my feelings, so I tried very hard. Looking at the transcript when students got it during the cognitive internship, I was really happy and proud, and perhaps happiest when students told me that they have found the right career direction for them. Perhaps that is one of the motivations that makes me want to stick with and be passionate about the profession.

In particular, the MIS industry which I am teaching is the one that is trained according to a specific mechanism, with 30% of the program duration with the participation of teaching and internship guidance from business experts, so students be exposed very early to the business, understand the culture, operations and needs of the business more. In addition, MIS students also have the opportunity to participate in many professional extracurricular activities, career orientation workshops, sessions to share learning and working experiences of alumni, etc. As a result, job opportunities MIS students' post-graduation is great. MIS's extracurricular activities to connect the community are also very strong thanks to the enthusiastic and effective activities of the union. And more specifically, the teaching staff is also very young and dedicated.

Ms. Uyen Nhi participated in the Camp with the students

Won the Excellent Young Author Award in the field of Information Technology granted by the 12th National Scientific Conference (FAIR'2019) - this is an award for young authors with excellent research work in the National Scientific Conference for Basic and Applied Information Technology (FAIR) 2019. Ms. Nhi confided: “Actually, when I received this award, I was quite surprised and extremely happy because of my efforts. While studying for graduate studies and scientific research has been recognized, it is also a great motivation for me. The award is the result of a whole process and is greatly supported by the research team as well as my scientific mentor. I feel very grateful that I have a very caring and knowledgeable teacher, and especially fortunate to be able to join a research group full of very young, talented and enthusiastic people.”

In addition to teaching, Ms. Uyen Nhi also participates in scientific research, especially research in the application of information technology to life. Nhi's research group gathered many lecturers from schools such as Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, VNUHCM-University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry, University of Ba Ria - Vung Tau, University of Industry, University of Information Technology - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, University of Saigon, and lecturers from the University. University of Economics, University of Danang, etc. Research areas of the group are mainly in computer vision, searching and looking up image information, etc.

Ms. Nhi is always happy and sociable with her colleagues

Besides, Ms. Uyen Nhi has also published many domestic and international prestigious articles, as well as teaching textbooks. For these outstanding achievements, lecturer Nguyen Thi Uyen Nhi is also loved by students of the Faculty of Statistics and Informatics because she is always close and an inspiration for learning and scientific research to many generations of students.

The time to apply for admission is coming, the candidates are about to enter a new threshold of life, every decision about choosing a career, a university can also affect your future. Ms. Uyen Nhi reminded the candidates that: "Please study carefully and consult with teachers and parents, brothers and sisters, who have experience. However, you can also decide for yourself, using the skills of using the Internet to search for information, analyze and compare to make smart decisions. Choosing a major, not only depends on your ability, but also has to pay attention to a lot of issues around, like whether you will study well in that field or not? Are you interested and passionate about your chosen field of study? Are there many job opportunities after graduation? etc. And especially the learning environment, facilities, quality of teaching staff is also an issue you need to pay attention to. Because you will stick with that school, with that learning environment throughout your student life.” Ms. Uyen Nhi sends her best wishes to high school students for making good choices and wishes them luck and good results in the upcoming exams.

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