Thanh Nien newspaper: "Pasting what you tear" inspires a good life for Gen Z in Da Nang


"Pasting what you tear", the Collage Art exhibition in Da Nang has sent many messages to gen Z.

"Pasting what you tear", Collage Art exhibition was organized by a group of friends in Da Nang named "When I'm Young" in association with the DUE Marketer Club (under the University of Economics - University of Danang) on 19th Feb has sent many meaningful messages to Gen Z.

This project is also aimed at young people with the aim of providing an art space.

"Pasting what you tear" inspires a good life for gen Z in Da Nang

The exhibition "Pasting what you tear" took place at BrewMan TNI (Tran Hung Dao Street, Da Nang City), with nearly 20 works created by Collage Art technique - combining many old puzzle pieces, from different materials such as paper, newspaper, fabric, etc. arrange layouts to create new publications. This is an art trend applied in the creative field.

With the theme "I'm looking for myself", the exhibition explores the psychological problems of the youth in modern life with pressures of study, work and peers. Besides, the exhibition also conveys positive messages about letting go of worries, focusing on yourself and turning to family to understand and love more.

The exhibition attracted nearly 400 participants in Da Nang, especially young people who love art, and was well received by young people's social networking sites. Under the advice of Quoc Trung, a Collage Art artist in Da Nang City, the project has been implemented by the young people of the DUE Marketer Club with works of youthful and close style with many different colors and materials.

Creative freedom

During the 2 months of implementation, the members of the project have made great efforts to create an impressive exhibition space with a tour process and a consistency theme.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, the project also organized a workshop to experience Collage Art, shared and guided by speaker Quoc Trung with pictures of young people and from magazines, vintage style stickers. At the workshop, youngsters enjoyed creating their own unique Collage Art works, and also gained more knowledge about this type of installation art.

Young people admire paintings that inspire beautiful life

Collage Art application paintings

Quoc Trung gives a presentation about his work

The painting has the theme of the life of young people in modern times

Young people are very excited when creating unique Collage Art works

Organizers and speakers (3rd from left)

Cat Tuong (23 years old, in Da Nang) confessed: "As an art lover, I would love to hear knowledge and practice about Collage Art. Workshop "Pasting what you tear" for me to enjoy a gentle and relaxing atmosphere".

Minh Nguyet, a representative of the group "When I'm Young", added: "The project is organized with the hope of giving young people in Da Nang many opportunities to interact with the arts like in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, we also want to inspire good life for Gen Z in Da Nang".

Through the project, young people from "When I'm Young" and the DUE Marketer Club spread the positive value of understanding their own mental health. This is not only an art exhibition for young people in Da Nang, but also a place for you to have the opportunity to connect and share.

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Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper