Starting the enrollment season in 2023: The University of Economics, University of Danang promotes digital transformation and internationalization of training programs


Developing an advanced university model associated with innovation and building university governance methods to suit the rapid development of the scientific-industrial revolution in the context of globalization. The University of Economics, University of Danang (UDN) has flexibly changed the structure of training professions, changed training content, training programs, and training methods to suit the needs of the labor market. In 2023, the University of Economics, UDN enrolls 3,200 students, including 19 regular university majors with flexible and effective enrollment methods.

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Accelerating digital transformation and internationalization of training programs

The University of Economics is a member of the University of Danang, one of the three regional universities in Vietnam, and one of the seven largest universities in Vietnam in the list of 500 best universities in Asia. The strategy of the University of Economics until 2025, with a vision to 2035 is to consolidate its reputation as a research university in Vietnam and the region, becoming a center for training, scientific research, policy advice, and technology transfer in leading economic and business management in Vietnam according to international standards.

Accordingly, the school focuses on building training programs associated with digital transformation, including Data Science and Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Digital Business, Financial Technology, System Administration information, etc., this is the industry that predicts to attract human resources in the near future.

In addition, to ensure that graduates have the ability and strength to compete in the context of globalization, DUE also offers programs taught entirely in English: Digital Marketing and International Business. In particular, the University has an international full-time bachelor's program with the transfer of the last 2 years (form 2 + 2) or the last 1 year (form 3 + 1) at partner universities abroad (Coventry University, University of Hull, University of Middlesex (UK), Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), City University of Seattle (USA), etc.). The program is taught entirely in English. Graduates will be awarded degrees by partner schools with training majors including Business Administration, Marketing Management, International Business, Accounting, etc.

Students who are admitted to the full-time international bachelor's program graduating from high school in Vietnam in 2023 because of force majeure reasons cannot transfer to a partner school, they will be considered by the University for permission to return to study regular programs at the University of Economics - UDN if students meet the requirements for learning and training results according to current regulations. In that case, students after completing the training program and meeting the graduation requirements will be considered for graduation by the University of Economics - the University of Danang, grant diplomas and diploma appendices according to regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

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Nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in students

The University of Economics is one of the first units to include the business start-up module in the training program. The knowledge of entrepreneurship training at the University will help students shape their ideas and core values ​​about entrepreneurship. The close connection between schools and businesses has created a "start-up space" for learners, contributing to testing knowledge in practice right at the lecture hall. That's why the school cooperates with partners to implement training projects, organize a startup playground for young people in the Central region, such as: Startup Runway, "Creative Ideas - Elevate your appearance", etc...

In 2023, the school will continue to focus on training and equipping students with knowledge and skills to start a business, ensuring that students after graduation have the capacity to work well in organizations, business but can also enter the labor market as an innovative business entrepreneur.


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Maintain and stabilize recruitment methods

The University of Economics, UDN considers admission to regular bachelor's programs by the following methods: (1) Directly recruiting candidates who win prizes in national and international competitions for excellent students; (2) Admission is based on academic achievement and foreign language ability; (3) Admission is based on the results of high school studies (records) of three subjects in the selection subject combination; (4) Admission is based on the results of the competency assessment exam of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City; (5) Admission is based on the results of the high school graduation exam in 2023.

New admission points for this year: majoring in Digital Marketing taught entirely in English; Students can participate in 1-2 semesters of exchange with 10 leading economic schools in Vietnam; Students have the opportunity to study at the same level with international and Vietnamese schools and especially, students can choose to study subjects in the master's program, which is recognized for undergraduate level. Extensive learning opportunities from the University of Economics, UDN create conditions for students to practice and hone their foreign language skills, touch the world's knowledge treasure and improve their understanding, skills to integrate and develop in a multinational environment.

For details of admissions procedures, see the Admissions Advisory Portal of the University of Economics, UDN: http://tuyensinh.due.udn.vn/

Hotline: 02363 522 345 - 0911 223 777

In particular, for new students who are admitted and enrolled in this school year, the University offers scholarships up to 100% of tuition fees and preferential regimes for candidates with good admission results. Besides, with the motto "Do not let any student stop studying because of difficulties", DUE offers many scholarships and preferential policies for students.

Over the past 48 years, DUE has provided the country with more than 50,000 bachelors, thousands of masters and doctorates, many of whom are currently holding important positions in public institutions and large enterprises across the country.

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