Da Nang Newspaper: a young, enthusiastic union cadre with work


Mr. Duong Viet Anh (29 years old), lecturer of Law Faculty, Secretary of Faculty Union, University of Economics - University of Danang always devotes all his enthusiasm, energy and inspiration to cadres and union members to carry out meaningful movements and works for social security.

Teacher Viet Anh (on the right) gives gifts to disadvantaged children in Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province. Photo: CHAU ANH

Enthusiasm for work and youth activities are easy to see in lecturer Viet Anh. In order to build and strengthen the Union's organization to become stronger and stronger, to attract a large number of youth union members to participate, as a leader, Mr. Viet Anh advises and leads the unit to carry out many appropriate programs and activities in accordance with reality, with practical meaning. For example, the "Winter Volunteer" program was held at the end of last year. He, along with 50 teachers and students of the school, crossed the steep hilly road to reach the people in Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province.

That night, although it was raining heavily, the whole area was bustling and joyful because of the vibrant music organized by a volunteer group from Da Nang. The children's faces were still dusty, but full of excitement. Many people have also crossed miles to come early to exchange and receive gifts. Therefore, 138 gifts with a total value of 112 million VND were delivered to the people. The total value of gifts for this activity is sponsored by Lawyer Minh Khanh (Da Nang).

Not only that, Viet Anh also gave to the households here warm clothes that you had previously collected to help people cope with the severe cold here. "It's so cold here that we stay up all night and can't sleep even though we wear a lot of clothes and light a fire to keep warm, so we feel sorry for the people here," Viet Anh shared.

They also shared all the boxes of instant noodles to take to the street to eat for the children when they showed interest in the noodles. That night, under the direction of Viet Anh, the group held a mock trial to handle illegal deforestation, thereby helping people understand the need to protect forests, not cut down forests, etc. activities have practical significance to help youth union members build strong political will, promote positivity, self-discipline, emotional attachment to progress together.

In addition, he also advises the unit to organize many voluntary blood donation activities, winter and summer volunteer activities with gift giving activities for poor households and students with difficult circumstances in remote areas, border areas, where people's relatives and compatriots still face many difficulties, etc. At the same time, mobilize union members, young people, philanthropists and socialization sources to join hands to support aid.

Besides participating in youth activities, in teaching, Mr. Viet Anh always makes great efforts in exploring and creating teaching methods to impart knowledge to students. Mr. Viet Anh has also published many articles in the Journal of Industry and Trade, the Journal of European Studies, etc.

The teacher always takes students as the center, promoting discussion. Therefore, his teaching hours are always lively and attractive. At the same time, the teacher always encourages students to have new ideas, new and different answers of the teacher when solving a problem, so that each lesson will help students form skills such as group work, presentation, criticism, eloquence, self-expression, etc. It is his wish that students have knowledge and skills to be able to firmly enter life.

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Source: Da Nang Newspaper