Attracting majors in economics and business administration at the Quang Ngai enrollment counseling day in 2023


On the afternoon of January 15, at the Le Khiet High School, the Organizing Committee of the Quang Ngai Admissions Counseling Program coordinated with the Quang Ngai Youth Union to organize the Quang Ngai Admissions Counseling Day 2023. The program had the participation of 30 universities and colleges across the country, including the presence of an admissions consulting booth of the University of Economics - the University of Danang.

The expected enrollment information in 2023 is continuously updated to candidates at the program

The program part of the Quang Ngai Admissions Counseling Day with the theme "SONG MO" was officially kicked off with many interesting activities, bringing more than 1000 students at the program useful information about the High school graduation exam as well as experiences and future majors, etc. From there, students have more information channels to determine their choice of admission to universities and colleges across the country.

Students of Quang Ngai also expressed interest in Economics and Business Administration as well as international programs of the University of Economics - University of Danang. With a favorable geographical location and confirmed training quality, University of Economics - University of Danang is the first choice of many generations of students in Quang Ngai. Diverse specializations in the field of Economics, Business Administration, Law and Tourism, the most dynamic Youth Union - Association movement in the Central - Central Highlands, rich and easily accessible scholarships are also attractive points for candidates when each enrollment period comes.

The University of Economics' admissions counseling booth also provides a lot of information about the University's expected enrollment in 2023, including stabilizing the admissions methods over the years to ensure a smooth registration process of the candidate. Parents and students are also proactive in choosing majors that match their interests, aspirations and abilities for the upcoming enrollment period at the University of Economics.

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