“January Star” is passionate about volunteering for the community


With the efforts and dedication in studying and volunteering activities for the community, Hoang Thi Ha (class 45K01.3, majoring in Foreign Trade, Faculty of International Business) has just been awarded the "January Star" Award by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Student Association in 2022.

Hoang Thi Ha - Energetic and enthusiastic student on community service activities

Lucky was predestined with the Youth Union's activities for the first time from the Union work in elementary school, then became a Youth Union officer at the secondary school and high school with the position of Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union. When joining the Student Union, University of Economics, Ha has more opportunities to be "fired" by teachers, former students and friends to realize that passion. During 4 years of studying at the university, Ha is a hard-working student with a spirit of learning and striving and has achieved many good academic achievements with the GPA of cumulative study and practice ranked Excellent. From her academic achievements and enthusiasm in the movement, Ha was honored to receive the Central January Star Award in 2022. In addition, Ha also won the title of 5 Good Student at the School level, the University of Danang level, the city level for 3 consecutive years: school year 2019-2020, school year 2020-2021 and school year 2021-2022. “When I heard that I received the January Star award, I was really happy, a burst of happiness. This is a great honor in my student life that I have tried to study and participate in Union - Association activities for many years," Ha confided.

Experiencing myself with so many journeys, I feel like I have found a "guideline" to be more attached and responsible. If studying will equip me with knowledge, Union - Association activities have helped me become more dynamic, brave and confident. From the little girl candidate with a little experience, but through each program, with the enthusiastic guidance of former students, Ha has learned more experience, soft skills and given herself a maturity at work. Still remembering the anniversary of the Green Summer Campaign 2022, I joined the Coreteam squad (Main team) with my "strongest" friends, were able to live together at the Office, experienced training days with volunteers and then felt all the attachment, youth and enthusiasm through 13 days in Tien Ha commune, Tien Phuoc district, Quang Nam province. At the 2022 Green Summer Campaign, campaign volunteers are divided into teams and take on tasks such as: building concrete roads, painting new walls for primary schools, building playgrounds, teaching, organizing medical examination and treatment and giving medicines to the elderly, etc.

Hoang Thi Ha participating in the 2022 Green Summer Campaign

Participating in the Union - Association work, Ha feels "growing up" every day, all activities bring her many meaningful experiences, get to know many good people, etc. and above all, she has a "Family". Ha said: “During those journeys, I really appreciate and feel lucky to be able to work, learn, listen and share with precious brothers, sisters, and friends. Union - Association has given me a lot of things, Thanks to that common roof, my young years became so beautiful, so complete and full of meaning.”

Determined to become an official of the Union and stick with the Union's work during 4 years of studying at the University of Economics, Ha was held the position of Vice President of the Student Union of the University of Economics, University of Danang. Balance between study and participate in Union - Association activities is not easy, yet Ha always devotes her youth to activities. Ha has received and passed on the flame of youth spirit to the next generations. Ha shared: If studying will equip me with knowledge, the Union - Association activities have helped me develop life skills and problem-solving skills. The interesting thing is that it helped me become more dynamic, brave and confident. In the days of volunteering, I see the dedication with all my spirit, responsibility and heart. I hope that my small actions will contribute to supporting the community and society."

Ha joins the Organizing Committee of Humanitarian Blood Donation Day

Sharing about her motivation, Ha said: “Volunteer activities bring a lot of joy. It can be very small things such as thanks, the laughter of children when receiving gifts, joy and excitement of the people, etc. All of these are the motivations for me to stick with the volunteering journey throughout my life as a student.

Now, in her final year of university, Ha has made plans for her future. The immediate goal, Ha prepares to meet the output standards and finds herself an internship company suitable for the Foreign Trade major that she has studied. The plan for the further future is still cherished in my heart, so I cannot boldly share it. With the knowledge I have learned and the skills I have gained from the Union - Association work, I hope that soon I will turn those plans into reality.

Ha always gives her best in volunteering activities

Honestly, the learning and research environment as well as the Union - Association activities of our school must be summed up in three words that GenZ like me often use as "the top of the top". The teachers are super lovely and enthusiastic, always ready to support students with their best from study to movement. Union - Association activities are extremely strong and help students have more wonderful experiences when participating. With the feelings of a final year student when receiving this interview, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the school, teachers, members of the Executive Committee of the Youth Union - Association, friends and everyone have guided, accompanied and always created opportunities for me to develop and get the achievements like today.

After her efforts in learning and training, dedication, Hoang Thi Ha has won many remarkable achievements. Let's look at some of her typical achievements in extra-curricular activities such as:

- Received Lotte Scholarship.

- Achieved the title of Advanced Youth following Uncle Ho's words in 2021 and 2022.

- Achieved the title of 5 Good Student at School level, University of Danang level, City level in 2019 - 2020, 2020 - 2021 and 2021 - 2022.

- Certificate of Merit from the Central Vietnam Student Association: "Excellent achievements in the Association's work and student movement".

- Certificate of Merit from Tien Phuoc District: “Excellent achievements in Student Volunteer Summer Campaign – Green Summer Volunteer Campaign 2022”.

- Certificate of Merit from the President of the University of Danang: "Achieve excellent achievements in the movement of 5 Good Students".

- Certificate of Merit from the delegation of the University of Danang: "Awarded the Consolation Prize in the English competition among students in 2021 - Da Nang area".

- Certificate of Merit from the Rector of University of Economics - UDN: "Having high achievements in study and training".

- Certificate of Merit from the Rector of the University of Economics - UDN: "For making positive contributions to the University's activities".

- Certificate of Merit from Student Union of University of Economics - UDN: "Excellent achievements in Association work and student movement of University of Economics - University of Danang, term 2018-2021".

- Certificate of Merit from Student Union of University of Economics - UDN: "Excellent achievements in organizing blood donation program"

- Certificate of Merit from Delegation of University of Economics - UDN: "Available excellent achievements in participating in the duty posts contributing to disease prevention and control at the University of Economics - the University of Danang”, etc.

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