The lecturer is determined to return to dedicate himself to the country


Possessing 02 bachelor's degrees in Information Technology in Singapore and 01 master's degree in Management Science in the UK. Studying and working for more than 8 years in Singapore from 2011 to 2019, however, at the beginning of 2019, young man Tran Nhat Phap chose to return to Vietnam and become a lecturer at the Faculty of E-commerce, University of Economics, University of Danang.

Nhat Phap's chance to become a teacher started with his decision to return to Vietnam after 8 years abroad - it was a very difficult decision. Mr. Nhat Phap confided: “Honestly, the working and living environment abroad is very good. But for myself, I always look to Da Nang and want to contribute or do something right in this beautiful coastal city. Closer is to help students have more motivation to develop their own capacity, thereby contributing to the development of the homeland and the country." That is also the reason why Mr. Nhat Phap regularly organizes workshops to share his expertise on e-commerce and e-marketing for students and businesses in Da Nang.

While in Singapore, Mr. Phap founded the Vietnamese Association in Singapore - which now has more than 10,000 members. At the same time, the group of Mr. Phap also regularly organizes free English classes for Vietnamese people or supports the Vietnamese community when facing difficulties in Singapore. According to Mr. Phap, in recent years, economic development policies have been more liberal and Vietnam has also achieved many achievements. This has opened up more opportunities for the younger generation like me to learn and develop themselves. I believe that everywhere there are advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is that I know how to adapt well and find the right opportunities for myself, I can succeed anywhere.

Mr. Nhat Phap wishes to share knowledge with everyone

Choose DUE as a stopover when he returned to Vietnam as a coincidence and became a lecturer at the Faculty of E-commerce - a subject that Mr. Phap loves and is suitable for his background (IT combines business). “The working environment between DUE and Singapore are very different. In Singapore, I specialize in IT projects, the working environment is also more specialized in areas of expertise. But for the teaching profession, it is different, it requires both knowledges of more diverse professions and the working environment in contact with colleagues and students, so it is also more different. Initially, it also took me a while to adapt to the working environment at DUE. However, I quickly integrated into this new environment thanks to the help of the teachers in the Faculty and the University. Then gradually, every day going to class to meet and share with students has become a joy for me", Mr. Phap happily confided. Also from here, the fire of his passion for teaching began to be ignited and fueled his profession of teaching fire to young people. Therefore, he always tries to convey his knowledge and skills in a vivid way, closely following the reality of the business to the students.

It is my honor and pride to return to my hometown and work at DUE.

At DUE, I am fortunate to be entrusted with many tasks and positions by teachers. The most memorable time for this school was when I participated in the Youth Union movement. Being able to work with experienced colleagues and students through volunteering and union activities helps me feel like I contribute a part of my youth to the community and society. In each volunteering trip to the Union, I can see that the youth and enthusiasm of the students have made me love the job more. Mr. Nhat Phap always conveys his enthusiasm to young people, let's constantly study and cultivate knowledge. A college degree isn't the end, it's just the beginning. The spirit of lifelong self-study will help you go to succeed, and always uphold the spirit of enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication of the youth to contribute to bringing the image of the homeland and the country up and out. Not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of failure, as long as you desire enough, you will achieve what you want.

The profession is still quite young, but with enthusiasm and love for the profession, Mr. Phap hopes that he will be the link connecting knowledge for generations. Besides teaching at the school, Mr. Phap is also the Founder of TOP Digital Center, specializing in training courses and services on e-Marketing in the Central-Central Highlands region. He is also the owner of a Tiktok channel with about 14,000 followers to share knowledge, inspiration, and motivation for students.

On the occasion of the upcoming Vietnamese Teachers' Day 20/11, Mr. Phap would like to wish all teachers good health, happiness, and much success in their careers of nurturing people.

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