Lecturer Le Tuong Vi: From business passion to an inspirational dream of teaching


Le Tuong Vi graduated with a Bachelor's degree in International Finance and Banking from Hanoi Foreign Trade University and a Master's degree in International Management from the University of Southampton UK, but she followed the path of pedagogy. Looking back on the journey from an economics student to an English teacher, it was a meaningful grace and arrangement in Vi's career. Let's meet and discuss industry and career stories with lecturer Le Tuong Vi ( an English lecturer at the University of Economics, the University of Danang).

Hello Tuong Vi, can you share a bit about your working and teaching journey at the University of Economics, the University of Danang?

Right after graduating with a master's degree from the UK in February 2016, I was recruited and worked at the University of Economics, the University of Danang in June 2016. I can say that I was one of the youngest lecturers of DUE at that time, I received a lot of support from participating in courses to improve skills and knowledge for young lecturers such as the USAID COMET project, a professional-pedagogical course of the University of Danang. At the University of Economics, I have the opportunity to work in a friendly and professional environment with my colleagues who are all good lecturers and dedicated to the teaching profession.

Le Tuong Vi - a young and dynamic English teacher

It is known that Vi graduated with a bachelor's degree in International Banking and Finance from Hanoi Foreign Trade University and a Master's degree in International Management from the University of Southampton UK, what chance led Vi to become an English teacher and passionate about the profession?

From a very young age, Vi had a passion for English. Later, I had the opportunity to study in an English-speaking environment at Le Quy Don High School, Da Nang. With my passion for English, my experience as a teaching assistant at the English Center when I was in university, combined with specialized knowledge learned at university, I decided to study for a master's degree in management to gain more knowledge about business management.

When I was recruited as a lecturer in specialized English, I found this to be a great opportunity - both to promote my passion for teaching English and to impart my knowledge of management and business to students.

Tuong Vi is always sociable and close to students

According to Vi, for English in particular and other subjects in general, what teaching method does Vi consider effective?

In my opinion, when teaching English, I always try to create more space to practice. I usually do not force students to learn English, instead, in each class, I always create a comfortable atmosphere for students to freely express their ideas, thereby forming English thinking in each student.

Vi is a person who has a close relationship and actively supports the university's English Club - SEE Club, can you share more?

As a predestined relationship, when I was a student in the past, I also participated in club activities, and always wanted to pass on positive energy to other students. In 2019, I was invited to be a judge for the final round of the contest “I love English” of SEE Club. And in 2021 - 2022, I am honored to participate as a guest and sponsor of English learning scholarships in workshops organized by the IELTS club. I always want to do my best to support student activities to help inspire English learning not only for DUE students but also for students all over Da Nang city.

Many beautiful memories that Vi keeps during her teaching time at DUE

After many years of pursuing your passion, according to Vi, what do you need to do to improve yourself?

Of course yes, I am and will continue to change myself to be the best version of me. First of all, I will constantly improve my English. At the same time, in order to help students have a new view of this language, I need to improve my pedagogical skills a lot. I always research and apply methods to both impart knowledge and inspire students.

With many years of experience in teaching English, can Vi give some useful advice to students when they are going to enter the National High School Exam?

I will share my opinion as an older sister who has undergone many important exams in my life, Vi thinks that young children’s future success will be determined by their present hard work. Students should outline a very specific study plan, and try to study a little more each day, so when the exam date is near, they will feel very comfortable because at this point they just need to review all of the lessons learned. Thus, they will enter the exam with a light but confident mind. Do not have your cloak to make when it begins to rain, you will be extremely scared.

Thank you Vy for this conversation, wish you more and more success.

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