Nguyen Quang Duc - Former Deputy Secretary from the Department of Business Administration


As a young, dynamic man with enthusiasm, Nguyen Quang Duc, a former student of course 36K02.1, and former deputy secretary of the Federation of Business Administration Faculty of the University of Economics has now been the director of VietFuntastic Tourism and Events Company Limited.

 Before each exam season, the candidates wonder about choosing a major and choosing a school to have good study opportunities for themselves. And Nguyen Quang Duc is no exception, recalling that time: “After learning from some of our predecessors, as well as the advice of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Liem, I feel that the University of Economics has an environment which is suitable for personal development, especially for young dynamic and independent people, so I choose DUE as the place to spend my student's life”.

DUE is the best nurturing and training environment I feel

 Recalling the years when I suddenly entered the school gate, many things are still unfamiliar to me. But with the nature of self-reliance and inquisitive, Duc’s student life is quite interesting. In addition to studying at the school, Quang Duc also participates in many Youth Union and Association activities and is fortunate to have access to non-governmental and non-profit organizations to gain more knowledge in life”. Working in the school, right from the first year, Duc has held the position of Deputy Secretary of the Federation of Business Administration Faculty. In addition, Duc also participates in the school's events, the Youth Union, and the Student Union (student leaders, business camps,...). With activities outside the school, Duc participates in the chair of the CinemaLand Project (Xine-Trainee Club) of the city; Project manager of Science Films Festival Vietnam in Da Nang. And it is these activities that set the stage for his current work.

From being a student to the current position that Duc currently undertakes as a director of a company, he itself suffers from more pressure, higher responsibility and requires a lot of self-improvement.

As a travel agency, the main activities in M.I.C.E tourism are event organization. The strength of the company in events of internal connection and communication for customers such as team building, gala, year-end party, skill training ... Therefore, Duc must have a solid knowledge base and professional in work and administration. Quang Duc shared: “Knowledge from the university environment helps me a lot in administration, especially in human resources, finance, and project administration. It must be said that during the student life at DUE, I have absorbed a lot of useful knowledge from the teachers. Receiving the dedicated teaching of the teachers at DUE is a great honor for me”.

Quang Duc is active in all activities

Life is still very young, deciding to set up a business will surely face many challenges. But with the spirit of vision, positive and creative thinking, Duc always thinks that: "If you don't allow yourself to try, you will not have the chance to fail, let alone chance to succeed". Thanks to non-stop efforts, now the company has been operating vigorously and has increasingly achieved high efficiency. Therefore, Duc advises the contestants: “Current high school students should follow the call of your heart, your career to study and improve. Study anywhere, as long as it inspires you to absorb knowledge. And in my opinion, DUE is the best environment that nurtures and trains students”.