The winner of 2020 ministerial-level scientific research student award: "when doing researches is our hobby"


Achievement of the First Prize of the Ministerial-level Scientific Research Student Award with the topic "Understanding the effect of social media advertising on brand image and purchase intention" brought great joy to the student community of University of Economics in general and 2 students Nguyen Ho Phuong Quynh, Truong Thi Thu Huong (same class 42K12.2-CLC - Faculty of Marketing) with teacher, MSc Truong Dinh Quoc Bao (Marketing department) in particular. Quynh shared: “When I heard that I was receiving the First Prize of the Science Research Student Award, I was on the exam council of Euréka. My emotions broke and I still didn't believe it until I received many messages congratulating me on my achievement. ”

Nguyen Ho Phuong Quynh (left) and Truong Thi Thu Huong (right)

In the context that many new businesses are currently applying the principles of the sharing economy, it contributes to clearly illustrate the transition from traditional commercial business to resource sharing, thereby quickly gaining support from consumers. Phuong Quynh and Thu Huong, from a Marketing major, have approached, understood and grasped the needs of businesses and customers in the digital age. “The goal of this study is to identify the factors that influence and their impact on the value of social media advertising. The study also examined the effect of advertising value on social networks on brand image and purchase intention of customers”, Phuong Quynh added. Talking about the selection of Grab and Now brands as the research model, the team said that the two technology companies depend largely on smartphones to deploy services and connect with consumers and users of technology companies have demographic similarities with those of social network users.

The group representative received the First Prize of the Scientific Research Student Award at the ministerial level in 2020

In one year of implementing the project, the biggest difficulty is the first serious exposure to scientific research seriously, besides, the outbreaks also interfere with the survey of actual data. Facing difficulties, along with their efforts, Phuong Quynh and Thu Huong received enthusiastic guidance from Mr. Truong Dinh Quoc Bao, the support of Mr. Do Ky Minh and the teachers in the Marketing and Science & International Cooperation Department. From basic skills to perform research topics such as: how to read the research, how to write, how to reason, how to analyze data, how to write references ... to form critical thinking, research skills; Teachers and always accompany the group to be more confident to complete the topic and present and criticize excellently before the councils.

Not only Phuong Quynh and Thu Huong, the University of Economics also owns many glorious achievements in scientific research activities of students. That is thanks to the serious investment and policy of encouraging students of the university leaders, and at the same time, it is a testament to the creative spirit and passion for scientific research of the faculty community, students of the University of Economics. Talking about the scientific research environment at the University, Phuong Quynh was impressed with her professionalism and maximum support for research activities: “The evidence is the achievements of my group, as well as the awards. Other scientific awards from the University students achieved over the years. The next thing that I like very much is that the teachers are experienced in research, they help students have a more objective view of doing scientific research seriously and update research trends according to the urgency in life.

Leaders of the University of Economics are always interested in and encouraged students to participate in scientific research. In the photo: Assoc. Prof Vo Thi Thuy Anh - Vice-Rector of the University encourages and commend the student group representative Nguyen Ho Phuong Quynh, Truong Thi Thu Huong before participating in the Final Round of Scientific Research Students at ministerial level 2020

Because of that professionalism and maximum research support helped Phuong Quynh change her initial impression of scientific research from a boring subject to a serious hobby of hers. Scientific research has brought practical values ​​to life, and at the same time helps young people develop critical thinking, information research skills, and general analysis skills - 3 skills that students are often the weakest. In addition, research writing helps students practice patience, logic and word selection to convey the most complete content to readers.

Truong Thi Thu Huong (right) with Ms. Vo Thi Thuy Anh at the Final Round of the Scientific Research Student Award 2020

Considering scientific research as a serious hobby, Phuong Quynh and Thu Huong wish to develop the topic in the direction of applying artificial intelligence in sample collection to reinforce their research model, bringing value in theory and practice for businesses, especially in the era of technology 4.0. Congratulations on the initial successes of the two young people, Phuong Quynh and Thu Huong; With the spirit and enthusiasm of the youth, they believe that Quynh and Huong will continue to dedicate themselves to scientific research activities, contributing valuable research projects to the development of society.